Spirituality’s Role in Interpreting and Managing Earthquakes

Spirituality’s Role in Interpreting and Managing Earthquakes, InfoMistico.com

In a world where human negativity seems to permeate our collective conscience, earthquakes can be viewed as a wake-up call. This article examines the role spirituality can play in our understanding and navigation of these natural phenomena, and how our attitudes might influence the health of our planet.

Harnessing the Power of Spirit: Quieting Earthquakes Through Spirituality

Our restless Earth, characterized by its varied landscapes, quakes for numerous reasons. Primarily, the Earth trembles as it is a living, dynamic entity, akin to any other living organism. However, growing concerns exist regarding the detrimental stress we’re imposing on it, manifested through unfounded criticism, baseless hatred, and an unsettling inversion of values where love is misrepresented as hate and chaos are marketed as order.

Acts of injustice, corruption, dishonesty, and crime seem to exacerbate our Earth’s agitation. Consider a person enveloped in dirt and grime, their instinct would be to shake it off, wouldn’t it? In a similar vein, our Earth appears to be seeking a path to liberate itself from such negativity.

Elemental Stewards: Sentient Beings and the Earth’s Unrest

In the grand scheme of things, elementals, or sentient beings tasked with protecting the Earth, assume a pivotal role.

Envision these beings akin to those depicted in the movie “Avatar,” entities devoted to preserving the radiance, harmony, and splendor of our planet. However, in the wake of relentless human pollution and the propagation of negative attitudes, these stewards respond by inciting natural disturbances.

For instance, water elementals could generate tidal waves and tsunamis, fire elementals could ignite volcanic eruptions, and air elementals could spawn hurricanes and tornadoes.

Moreover, the reorientation of the Earth’s axis, a phenomenon recognized by both Ascended Masters and the scientific community, contributes to these seismic activities and forms part of the overarching issue of global warming.

Polaris and Magnus: Guiding Lights in a World Off-Kilter

Nonetheless, it’s vital to underscore that not everyone stands at risk. Those who prioritize compassion over censure, cause no harm to others, and maintain nobility within their hearts, possess avenues for self-protection.

Spiritual wisdom tells us that Polaris and Magnus, powerful deities who maintain the Earth’s axis, along with Lords Pelleur and Virgo, stewards of the Earth’s elementals, possess the ability to halt an earthquake instantaneously. However, this necessitates invocation on our part.

We recall the words of Jesus: “Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened unto you”. Thus, when faced with impending danger, we must seek their intervention.

Harnessing Faith’s Power: Altering an Earthquake’s Path Through Invocation

Consider the following invocation:

“In Your name, Beloved ‘I Am’ Presence of God, I call upon Beloved Polaris and Magnus, maintainers of the Earth’s axis, and Beloved Lord Pelleur and Lady Virgo, stewards of the Earth, to halt this tremor now! Thank you, Father, that it has ceased.”

This invocation has served as a miracle, a safeguard against the Earth’s tumult, for many.

In regions like Nicaragua, where tremors are commonplace, numerous earthquakes have been prevented from wreaking devastation, thanks to this spiritual call. Similar experiences have been reported in the city of Caracas, Mexico, and many other locations.

It’s crucial to understand that fear begets more fear. If we live in dread of earthquakes, we increase our likelihood of encountering them. However, if we face them fearlessly and with an open mind, we might even possess the capability to halt them.

This isn’t a call to blind faith, but a challenge to experience it in our personal lives. Occasionally, personal experience serves as the most convincing evidence.

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