Earthquake in Morocco: Astrology behind the devastation

Earthquake in Morocco: Astrology behind the devastation,

On September 8, 2023, Morocco experienced a devastating earthquake. While earthquakes are natural events, their timing with specific astrological events, especially the alignment of the Lunar Nodes, has drawn the attention of the astrological community.

The Moroccan earthquake and the power of the Lunar Nodes

An astrological view of the 2023 disaster

Most professionals in the field of astrology know the inherent power of these specific geometric points in the cosmos called Lunar Nodes.

These points come from the intersection of the moon’s movement around the Earth and the ecliptic. Essentially, they tell us about the drive and evolving need that guides humanity’s destiny.

The study and analysis of the Lunar Nodes and eclipse phenomena have deep roots in history that span various cultures and civilizations.

It becomes challenging to pinpoint a specific individual or culture credited with the initial discovery and calculation of lunar nodes and eclipses. This wisdom has been shaped and enriched over millennia, thanks to the invaluable contributions of numerous astronomers, math experts, and different cultures.

Eclipses and Lunar Nodes: The Fascinating Contributions of Ancient Civilizations

From Babylon to Ibn al-Shatir: The Astronomical Legacy of Lunar Nodes and Eclipses

Ancient civilizations, including the Babylonians, Greeks, and Hindus, significantly contributed to the deepening understanding of lunar nodes and eclipse phenomena.

Taking the Babylonians as an example, they kept detailed records of both lunar and solar eclipses, dating back to at least the 8th century B.C. They had a refined understanding of the Saros cycle, a span of about 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours, after which similar eclipses occurred.

This duration also marks a complete cycle of the Lunar Nodes. In astrological terms, every 18 years we experience what’s known as the Return of the Nodes in our birth chart. Think about these turning points in your life, such as ages 18, 36, 54, 72, and so on.

During the medieval period, astronomers in the Islamic world made significant advancements in the accurate calculation of lunar nodes and eclipses.

Prominent scholars, like Ibn al-Shatir (1304-1375 A.D.), not only refined existing models but also made astonishingly accurate predictions about lunar and solar eclipses.

From the perspective and inherent poetry of astrology, the Lunar Nodes tell us about the soul’s urgent evolving need. Every time they, on their journey, come into contact with planets in our birth chart, significant events unfold in our lives, marking critical evolution points.

Eris, Ceres, and Pluto: Mythology and Astrology in Global Events

Earthquakes and Celestial Connections: The Influence of Uranus and Sedna on Morocco’s Astrological Chart

This pattern is evident not just at the individual level but also on the global stage. While this article won’t delve deeply into various global events triggered when the Nodes intertwine with other planets, it will focus on one especially striking instance.

At the exact time of the devastating earthquake in Morocco, the Nodes were aligned with Eris, the Goddess of Discord. In a more down-to-earth interpretation, Eris is associated with those labeled as “unwanted” – the displaced, the immigrant, the refugee, and the marginalized. But Eris also has connections to Pluto, the chief figure of the Underworld and Death, and to Ceres, the Earth Goddess, symbolic of agriculture and Mother Earth.

Pluto and Ceres have a mythological bond in the story of Persephone, daughter of Demeter (Ceres). In this myth, Pluto, Ceres’ brother, kidnaps Persephone, taking her to the underworld.

This myth tells us about the individuation process that comes from the loss of innocence, prompting us to grow into aware beings, moving away from the idyllic unconsciousness of Eden.

The North Node was in precise conjunction with Eris, opposing Ceres, which was in conjunction with the South Node. Furthermore, this intricate astrological setup was squared with Pluto. Earthquakes, known for their sudden and unpredictable nature, are often linked to Uranus, the bringer of abrupt change.

In this instance, Uranus was positioned at the Ascendant of the astrological chart, specifically drawn for a location near the earthquake’s epicenter. This position was closely accompanied by Sedna, which had recently moved into Gemini after traveling through Taurus since 1965.

Sedna: The Inuit Sea Goddess and Her Connection with Nature

Astral Interpretation of the Earthquake: Moon, Mars, and the Evolutionary Impact on the Region

Sedna is named after the Inuit sea goddess. In contrast to Greek and Roman beliefs where gods lived on Olympus, the Inuits believe divinity exists within Nature itself.

For the Inuit people, gods are not only alive but are an integral part of this world. Every living being has a divine spirit that gives it essence and vitality.

There are many versions of legends about Sedna. Although the details differ, one element remains constant: in each story, whether it’s her father or her tribe, they take her out to sea in a kayak and throw her into the ocean’s depths.

In her desperation, Sedna clings to the kayak, but her father cuts off her fingers, causing her to sink even deeper. Eventually, Sedna becomes the sea goddess, the Mistress of the Depths, and rules the Inuit Underworld, known as Adlivun.

Fishermen respect her and rely on her kindness to ensure a bountiful catch. From her throne in the depths, Sedna watches over and protects vast marine expanses.

She represents a woman punished for defying patriarchal demands, for refusing to adhere to her father’s decisions about her marriage. In some versions of the legend, it’s said that Sedna married a dog.

Only time will reveal the true impact and evolutionary consequences of this event in the affected region. It’s worth noting that at the time of the earthquake, the Moon was in an exact square with Mars. This alignment could symbolize the devastation of homes and the breaking apart of families.

I encourage you to think about and share your own interpretation of this event. I provide the earthquake’s astral chart, specifically made for an area near the epicenter, based on the most accurate information I could obtain.

Earthquake in Morocco: Astrology behind the devastation,

We express our gratitude to Cristina Laird, a distinguished Spanish astrologer and founder of Archetypal Astrology, for her valuable contribution to this article.