Prayer to the Righteous Judge

Prayer to the Righteous Judge,

The present impression, which has been accepted and acknowledged even by the patriarchs of Armenia and Jerusalem, is one of several impressions that have been made in the past under the guise of petitions to the Righteous Judge.

Legitimate and true prayer to the Righteous Judge

It is a replica of the original, which is engraved on a gold plate and is found in the Convent of St. Mary Egypt of the Armenian Religious, which is located at the base of Mount Lebanon and is where King Solomon brought the cedars for the first Temple in Jerusalem that was dedicated to God.

In the battle he fought against the Mohammedans to save the holy places of Jerusalem, Prince Godfrey of Boullon discovered this golden plaque on Mount Calvary, buried next to the rock on which the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ rested.

This prayer was responsible for the complete victory of the Christian army, which caused great mortality among the infidels without them realizing where they were being attacked. The aforementioned prince also became invisible in several encounters he had with the Turks, as did his Christian army.

It is significant that not a single person who recited this prayer with fervor and faith perished. Instead, 300 Christian soldiers defeated 1.5 million impious Mohammedans and recovered the holy places.

This is a powerful prayer of protection against enemies

As the experience of more than three centuries shows, they were protected against robberies, assaults on the road, robberies, shipwrecks, wars, prisons, pestilences and other types of maritime and terrestrial dangers. It will be very useful to recite the Magnificat canticle after this prayer.

Prayer to the Just Judge

Divine and Just Judge of the living and the dead, eternal sun of justice, incarnate in the chaste womb of the Virgin Mary for the health of the human race.

Righteous Judge, creator of heaven and earth and died on the cross for my love.

You who was wrapped in a shroud and laid in a tomb from which on the third day you rose victorious over death and hell.

Just and Divine Judge, hear my supplications, attend to my supplications, listen to my petitions and give them favorable dispatch.

Your imperious voice calmed the storms, healed the sick and raised the dead like Lazarus and the son of the widow of Naim.

The empire of your voice put demons to flight, making them leave the bodies of the possessed and gave sight to the blind, speech to the mute, hearing to the deaf and forgiveness to sinners, like the Magdalene and the paralytic at the pool.

You made yourself invisible to your enemies, at your voice those who came to imprison you fell back to the ground in the garden and when you were dying on the Cross, at your mighty voice the orbs trembled.

You opened the prisons to Peter and brought him out of them without being seen by Herod’s guard.

Thou didst save Dismas and didst pardon the adulteress.

Beg you, Just Judge, deliver me from all my enemies, visible and invisible: the Holy Shroud in which you were wrapped cover me, your sacred shadow hide me, the veil that covered your eyes blind those who persecute me and those who wish me evil, eyes have and do not see me, hands have and do not tempt me, ears have and do not hear me, tongue have and do not accuse me and their lips are mute in the courts when they try to harm me.

O Just and Divine Judge Jesus Christ, favor me in all kinds of distresses and afflictions, throws and engagements and grant that by invoking you and acclaiming the empire of your powerful and holy voice calling you to my aid, prisons may be opened, chains and bonds may be broken, fetters and bars may be broken, knives may be bent and every weapon that is against me may be dulled and rendered useless.

Nor horses overtake me, nor spies watch me, nor find me. May your blood bathe me, your mantle covers me, your hand blesses me, your power hide me, your cross defends me and be my shield in life and at the hour of my death.

O Righteous Judge, Son of the Eternal Father, who with Him and the Holy Spirit are one true God! O Divine Word made man! I beseech Thee to cover me with the mantle of the Most Holy Trinity that I may be free from all dangers and glorify Thy Holy Name.


Divine and Just Judge, be with me on my journey, deliver me from all dangers and accidents, defend me from my enemies and help me in my needs.