Soul relations meaning

Soul relations meaning,

In life and throughout our existence there are numerous evolutionary processes, some conscious and others unconscious, it all depends on our state of consciousness.

Soul relationships — The reunion of souls

One of these processes is the reunion of souls, which in the near or distant past were already united and again the Universe needs it to be so to give the final leap to them or one of them.

Likewise, to implant in life the seeds of light and hope for the good of humanity, coming from the union and love between both souls; there is no other way for this to be possible.

Being to Be

This is a strong connection of Being to Being, Soul to Soul and Heart to Heart and the best way to prepare for it is to have universal consciousness.

Let yourself flow with confidence, especially when one of the two souls is more asleep because it is to trust the other and let yourself be guided by that special Being that has come into your life.

Normally almost always these cases occur, in which one of the two souls is more asleep and needs the other to finish waking up and thus begin both together with the universal mission that was given to them before they’re coming to this life and with which both are committed as beings of light with the physical body, for the good of humanity.

Such relationships are excellent, they are great gifts from the universe, they are relationships in which both parties are unified to form a single being, but without losing freedom and individuality.

Soul relationships awaken all our senses

Help us to awaken and recognize our innate abilities and qualities, help us to be masters of our life and our true identity, we are responsible for our happiness and we are filled with love and bliss.

They are very special relationships that although at the beginning are a little difficult because of the internal alchemical process that takes place between the two souls from the moment they meet and unite.

Sometimes neither of the two is aware of it, but after this alchemical time, balance, harmony, passion, fullness, beauty, perfection, “enlightenment” appears.

There are times when these relationships do not occur for personal or family reasons, as we let ourselves be dragged more by the opinion of family members who often act selfishly.

Other times because our mind and emotions make us doubt and distrust the beauty and love reciprocated, puts us in a state of comfort and passivity and we let time pass, while on the other plane is waiting for our action for the universal good.

Law of free will

The universe as always respects the opinion we take and does not force situations as it is guided by the law of free will and will wait patiently throughout life, even until another occasion when this reunion can be repeated if it does not happen.

These almic couples are magical mirrors in which one can see oneself in the other, being an inner vision of our wisdom, spirituality and evolution and where we can see all our qualities-even those hidden and forgotten by contempt or devaluation of ourselves or third parties.

We can also see our lights and shadows (if any were acquired when we took on a physical body) to continue perfecting ourselves with the help of the other.

Couples go through a process that takes time, due to the inner alchemy that develops in them, to be able to recognize each other’s souls.

The foundation of these relationships is to be present and conscious of oneself and the other, so through meditation we connect with the deepest part of our Being and the other and in turn with the most subtle and loving part of the Universe, nourishing us from within.

Almic Couples

In these couples, each one has its path in life and fulfills its mission, although both are accompanied in the journey because the goal is the same and one complements the other, each one acts by itself.

Both are connected with the essence and magic of life, both are immersed in the fullness and well-being, both are full of love and respect and both participate in the same objective, which is the one that has been traced by the Universe for them in a special way and that no one else can fulfill it, only this couple united in love.

Alchemical fusion

In both, after the alchemical fusion, a great inner awakening begins, a magnificent personal evolution awakens all the potential of wisdom stored inside and creativity develops because that is life.

Commitment between the two and between the two with life, spirituality, with the existence of everything and everyone, including the higher planes.

These are relationships in which intimacy, sincerity, truth, complicity, transparency, respect and communication reign, the latter being very important since the soul will be nourished by the communication between both parties, even by the silent communication of a look or a hug.

Divine Alchemy

The purpose of these communications is to help us to continue improving and evolving, so we must also consciously express those negative aspects to work on so that with the help of the other party and the divine alchemy, all of this can be positively transformed into the opposite.

This means expressing one’s fears, doubts, fears, traumas, pain, needs, desires, thoughts, fantasies, etc.

This fact of “undressing” from the heart will bring out from inside residues that may have been there for a long time and that it is time to eliminate, it will also break down negative barriers imposed by ourselves as a defense mechanism against the attack and misunderstanding of others.

Ultimately all this will help us to connect with our authenticity.

The alchemy of souls

Besides the alchemy of the souls, there is also an alchemy of the relationship itself, since in this integration-fusion of both persons, a co-evolution is born and this develops the seed of “enlightenment” that will germinate the sacred marriage.

The couple will follow with full consciousness their path of knowledge, exploration, transformation and discovery of each other, a link that is constantly renewed, since from it without doing anything else, this couple is helping humanity.

Through all that light-energy-information that expands in the form of waves through space and that reaches everything and everyone, anywhere in the Universe.

These almic couples are based on friendship, love, passion, admiration, simplicity, sincerity, truth and bond for the common good. But also sensuality and eroticism are part of these couples, since pleasure reinforces these couple bonds, in every kiss, embrace…

In every relationship, whether or not it is an amic relationship, there must be reciprocal appreciation, communication and a lot of communication.

Giving with a soul relationship is a great gift, positive qualities are given and happiness reigns.

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