Oregano vs. Candida Fungus: Enough?

Oregano vs. Candida Fungus: Enough?, InfoMistico.com

Frank Suárez, a specialist in obesity and metabolism, had extensive experience in the subject of candida albicans. He studied this topic for the last 25 years of his life and focused on the prevention and treatment of the fungus Candida albicans.

Eliminating Candida Fungus: Is Oregano Enough or Are There Other Effective Remedies?

Dr. William Crook, an American allergist, was the first person in the medical field to begin talking about the danger and problem of the fungus Candida albicans. Frank Suárez considered that knowledge about the fungus Candida albicans could be one of his favorite topics and indeed that gave him many successes.

As for the question of whether only oregano can kill candida, Frank Suárez could not give a general answer. However, he suggests that oregano tea may be beneficial for treating the fungus Candida albicans.

He recommends that his patients consult a medical professional before starting any treatment.

The Book That Revealed the Relationship Between Candida Fungus and Obesity

When Dr. William Crook started talking about the candida fungus, he was mocked by many other doctors. However, Dr. Crook persevered and wrote a book called “The Yeast Connection”

This book was the first clue for Frank Suárez that there could be a relationship between candida fungi and obesity. Although Dr. Crook doesn’t explicitly mention the connection between fungus and obesity in his book he came to that conclusion on his own.

He discovered that many of the symptoms mentioned by Dr. Crook in his book, which indicated a high presence of fungus in the body were the same symptoms that women, for the most part, told him when they went to Natural Slim.

Back then, Frank Suárez had a clinic initially with a single location but later expanded to several. At that clinic, he received about 200 people a week and noticed that many of them had similar symptoms.

These symptoms included sinusitis, migraine, itchy skin, gas, constant tiredness and, in the case of women, vaginal discharge and burning during sex. Reading Dr. Crook’s book, Frank Suárez found a surprising correlation.

Dr. Crook mentioned that candida infection could be responsible for the symptoms that his patients mentioned to him. These symptoms which coincided with those mentioned in Dr. Crook’s book, strengthened the connection that Frank established between the candida fungus and the various clinical manifestations.

Frank Suárez was impressed by the coincidence of the symptoms mentioned by his patients and those described in Dr. Crook’s book. From there, an idea sprang up in his mind:

What would happen if these overweight people, especially women, who tend to have more fungi than men found it difficult to lose weight due to the presence of candida in their bodies?

The secret behind lasting weight loss: How to get rid of candida with the Candiseptic Kit

He decided to try a strategy: perform a cleaning to eliminate candida. Frank experimented with several supplements to combat and reduce the presence of candida fungus in the body, as well as the toxic effects it produced.

He found that once a person freed themselves from fungi they began to lose weight more effectively and most importantly, they didn’t experience rebound. This was different from traditional diets in which a person can easily lose weight and then gain it back.

Candida treatment has an important effect on eliminating weight gain, as it helps keep the body clean and free of fungi. Frank Suárez mentions the use of an anti-candida treatment known as the Candiseptic Kit. This kit consists of 3 supplements specially designed to clean candida.

One of the supplements in the kit contains a special oregano oil that has properties to combat and eliminate candida. Another supplement includes bacteria that are beneficial to the intestine since candida is an enemy of healthy bacteria present in the body.

The treatment approach is to cleanse and restore balance in the body, eliminating candida and promoting intestinal health.

Exactly, the Candiseptic Kit’s approach is to introduce beneficial bacteria, which are the “good tenants” of the body, and to eliminate candida fungi which are the “bad tenants”.

Oregano Tea vs. Oregano oil: Which is most effective against candida? Find out the answer

The answer to the question of whether oregano tea would work the same as oregano oil to combat candida is “no”. Frank Suárez explained that, in his research, he sought various natural solutions to eliminate the candida fungus.

First, it points out that we all have candida in our bodies since it is part of the intestinal and vaginal flora. Explain that the intestine is a long tube approximately 7 meters or 21 feet in length, that begins in the stomach and runs throughout the body.

Candida can become problematic when it gets out of balance and multiplies too much, causing a variety of symptoms and health problems.

In the intestine, it is normal for candida fungi to grow since it is part of the intestinal flora. However, it is assumed that the presence of candida does not exceed 10% of the intestinal flora.

In cases of severe infections, some people may have an imbalance where the presence of candida accounts for up to 90% of the intestinal flora which means that there is a lack of beneficial bacteria and a decrease in healthy internal ecology.

The problem with candida is that it produces a variety of 78 different toxins, which are acidic substances. These are the toxicants that have been identified so far. The presence of these acidic toxins can cause various health problems and contribute to the onset of symptoms related to candida.

Exactly, the acids produced by the candida fungus act as toxins that reduce the level of oxygen in the body which can lead to inflammation. This inflammation in turn can affect metabolism, slowing it down.

How Eliminating Candida Fungus Can Boost Your Metabolism: Discover the Link to Weight Loss

When a person performs a cleansing to eliminate the candida fungus, they automatically get rid of these toxins. With the elimination of toxins, the oxygen level in the body returns, which has a positive impact on metabolism. This process makes it easier to lose weight.

In addition, by getting rid of the toxicants of the candida fungus, the various associated symptoms can be eliminated, such as sinusitis, migraine, itchy skin, vaginal discharge, burning during sexual intercourse, constant tiredness and digestive problems such as gas.

Oregano, which has been used for years and is being talked about in this context, is a patented product. In this product, it has been possible to extract an oil called carbachol which is an effective agent of oregano.

Carbachol is known for its fungicidal properties, that is, it has the ability to fight and eliminate fungi.

However, because carbachol is a component present in the form of oil, there is difficulty in mixing it with water. Human blood, for example, is made up of 92% water and oils and water don’t mix easily.

This may explain why some may ask where to get carbachol. Extracting this component in a laboratory is expensive and complex. Therefore, it is more common to find oregano in oil form that contains carbacol which is used for its antifungal properties.

Undecylenic Acid: A New Approach to Antifungal Treatment for Candida

To address this challenge a company in the United States developed a patent to create what is known as emulsified oregano.

Emulsification involves breaking molecules into very small pieces so that they can be mixed with water. In the case of oregano oil, this involves breaking the carbachol molecule into tiny fragments to achieve its mixing with water including water present in the blood.

This process allows oregano oil to become water-soluble and more effective for use.

It is important to mention that emulsified oregano is a product used in this specific context and has been used by the clinic mentioned above.

After using the oregano product with successful results for more than 15 years, I am currently looking for an alternative to stop using it. You might be wondering:

“Why would I stop using it if it works?” Let me explain the reason to you.

Over the years, we have carried out more than 45,000 candida treatment programs on Natural Slim systems. This is a significant number which means that I have witnessed more than 45,000 people go through such treatment.

The results are amazing: symptoms disappear, psoriasis improves, rare diseases are reduced and we have even witnessed cases in which cancer has shown significant improvements.

It’s truly miraculous but there’s a problem.

When a person has a severe candida infection as is often the case with diabetics, who tend to have a greater presence of fungi in their bodies, a dilemma arises. Why is this happening?

The answer is that diabetics have high levels of sugar and glucose which fuel the growth of the fungus. In this way, the body of a diabetic becomes the ideal paradise for the fungus.

A different substance called “undecylenic acid” is being investigated, which, instead of acting as a fungicide, acts as a fungistatic, that is, it inhibits the growth of the fungus.

Discovering Frank Suárez: The Author and Motivator Who Made an International Impact

Frank Suárez, a renowned author and motivational speaker, left an indelible mark on the world of health and wellness since the founding of his company in 1998. His influence transcended borders reaching not only his native Puerto Rico but also the United States and several Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Panama and Colombia.

Through his successful YouTube channel, “Metabolismo TV”, Frank Suarez shared valuable knowledge in popular sections such as “Ask Frank”. He was also active on his Facebook social network, providing guidance and advice to his many followers.

With his unique approach and ability to motivate others, Frank Suarez became a leading figure in the health and wellness field, leaving a lasting legacy in the industry and in the lives of those who found inspiration in his work.