Monthly Intuitive Astrology Forecast

Monthly Intuitive Astrology Forecast,

In April the stars prepare us for a season of significant changes with the arrival of the Total Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Aries on April 19. Eclipses have historically been a time of transformation, so it is likely that we will experience unexpected turns in our lives.

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This month also marks the first retrograde planet since January with Mercury going retrograde on April 21. This event can slow down cosmic energies and lead us to deep reflection.

Finally, as we approach the end of the month, the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5 will continue to influence our lives with its transformative power. The following are the most relevant dates to consider throughout the month.

Mercury enters Taurus

April 3

The planet Mercury makes its triumphant entry into Taurus, although not for long as later in the month it will experience a period of retrogradation.

This astral movement from Aries to Taurus will result in a decrease in the speed of events. Consequently, our minds may experience a feeling of serenity which will allow us to find tranquility more easily. In calmness, clarity is found more than in action.

Recognizing our Wounds with Mercury’s entry into Taurus and the activation of the asteroid Chiron

April 5

The planet Mercury enters Taurus marking a day of healing and reflection on the wounds that have shaped our existence. In astrology, the asteroid Chiron is known as the wounded healer and on this day it is activated by the Sun illuminating the importance of recognizing how our scars have influenced our life trajectory.

Through Chiron, we learn that although some wounds may persist, they can also be the source of a beautiful transformation. To expand on this perspective, you can find more information here.

Sun and Chiron Conjunction and Full Moon in Libra

April 6

The recent conjunction of the Sun and Chiron has generated a powerful healing energy that connects with the current Full Moon. It is expected that this celestial event will provide a significant boost in the healing process of our wounds allowing us to find the strength, compassion and awareness necessary for our healing.

The influence of the Full Moon in Libra also sheds light on our personal relationships and how we interact with others. It is possible that we may need to let go of habits or attitudes that no longer benefit us in our interactions with others.

Although it may be difficult to recognize our negative patterns, this celestial moment provides us with the opportunity to delve deeper into our personal work. We just need to be willing and open to receive this valuable guidance.

Get Ready for the Impact of Mercury Retrograde

April 8

The planet Mercury has started to decrease its speed in preparation for its upcoming retrograde period at the end of the month. Since January we have been free of retrograde planets but that period is coming to an end. Although we do not yet fully feel the effects of Mercury retrograde, we can already begin to glimpse the possible consequences of this phenomenon.

Cosmic Fusion of Jupiter and the Sun

April 11

The Sun and Jupiter merge in their annual encounter, an expected event that radiates prosperous and expansive energy in our lives. This celestial phenomenon which takes place once a year presents an opportunity to magnify our experiences and achievements, allowing us to better understand the big picture.

Jupiter known for its ability to illuminate the positive awakens in us a more optimistic perspective and a greater willingness to find solutions to the challenges we face. This year, its conjunction with the Sun in Aries augurs a powerful influence on the energy of new beginnings making its alignment an ideal time to establish our intentions and goals.

Venus in Gemini: balance and connection with our spiritual essence

After the culmination of the fiery and virile Mars’ stay in Gemini during August 2022, Venus makes its entrance into this astrological sign, contributing to establishing balance in our feminine side, especially regarding how we relate and socialize with others.

Gemini rules the need to honor both our human facet and our spiritual essence. With Venus in Gemini, it may be easier to recognize and work from our more intuitive “being” side.

Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

April 19 and 20

The Total Eclipse in Aries presents itself as one of the most relevant astronomical events of the year. The shadow produced by the Moon will completely cover the Sun, offering a unique and powerful spectacle.

Solar Eclipses are signals of new beginnings in the evolution of our spiritual path and this one, in particular, happening in the sign of Aries related to beginnings amplifies its energy. This Eclipse will be a powerful opportunity to establish intentions visualize results and seek opportunities.

It marks the beginning of a cycle of Eclipses that we will work on for the next 18 months. It is important to pay attention to the circumstances surrounding the Eclipse, as they can give us clues about what is destined to unfold in the future. This energetic alignment has the ability to change the course of our lives in a completely new direction.

Eclipses tend to be catalysts for change transformation or upheaval but always with the purpose of elevating our consciousness. Being a Total Solar Eclipse and a very powerful one, its influence can be felt up to a month before and after its appearance.

The Sun changes signs: How will the energy of Taurus affect your life and finances?

April 20

The king of the stars, the Sun, leaves the fiery sign of Aries to enter the earthly Taurus. With the arrival of this new season, there is a slowdown in the frenetic pace that characterizes Aries, allowing us to take a well-deserved break.

However, facing these moments of calm can be complicated, as they can bring to light aspects that do not work in our lives. Even so, they also give us the opportunity to find pleasure in the small things and cultivate gratitude, appreciation and abundance. From a practical point of view, this time is conducive to organizing our finances and putting our economy in order.

Pluto in Aquarius: The Revolutionary Energy That Will Transform Our Society

April 20

Pluto makes its first appearance in our cosmic view after entering Aquarius a few weeks ago. With the formation of a square configuration in our skies thanks to the Sun in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius, an evolution in the planet’s movement towards this zodiac sign is expected.

Pluto establishes itself in each sign for over 20 years, so its presence in Aquarius will be long-lasting and familiar in the coming years. However, it is an uncommon energy that is only experienced once in a lifetime as the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was over 200 years ago.

This planet represents power and transformation while Aquarius is the sign of revolution, technology, freedom, healing and community. Significant changes are expected in all of these areas, both collectively and personally. If you want to learn more about Pluto in Aquarius, you can access the link here.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus: be careful when making important decisions

April 21

The first retrograde planet of the year has made its appearance. It is Mercury who has entered the sign of Taurus and will remain in this state until May 1st. During this period, it is common for retrograde Mercury to affect our thinking ability to the point of making us overlook important details.

It is recommended to act cautiously when making momentous decisions during this time. However, it is important to note that during this period, our intuition may reveal itself more clearly.

Likewise, retrograde Mercury can serve as a catalyst for unearthing subconscious thought patterns that need to be analyzed. In the specific case of retrograde Mercury in Taurus it is likely that issues related to self-esteem will come to light that deserves to be addressed.

The End of an Era: Reflections on the North Node in Taurus and the Transition to Aries

April 24

Over the next 18 years, we will not experience the alignment of the Sun with the North Node in Taurus again. The transition will occur later this year when the North Node moves towards Aries and begins a new cycle.

The North Node is a symbol of destiny and indicates the direction we should head towards. Now that the North Node is coming to an end in Taurus, it is time to focus on the lessons learned during its time here. Over the past year and a half, the North Node in Taurus has guided us towards a better understanding of our relationship with the material world, abundance and self-esteem.

  • Have you noticed an increase in these areas of your life?
  • Have you felt the need to adjust your relationship with material possessions?
  • Have you felt challenged in your ability to give and receive abundance?
  • How has your self-esteem been questioned?
  • Have you felt the need to defend your position more than usual?

These are important questions we must ask ourselves while the Sun and North Node are aligned. In addition, this encounter can trigger predestined meetings or situations in our lives. It is a time for reflection and preparation for the upcoming cycle.

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