Monthly Intuitive Astrology Forecast

Monthly Intuitive Astrology Forecast,

The Blood Moon Eclipse, the main cosmological event of the month, brings warmth to November. This Blood Moon Eclipse, which occurs in the sign of Taurus and peaks on November 8 early in the month, illuminates the coming weeks.

Monthly Intuitive Astrology Forecast November 2022

Eclipses are extremely powerful energetic gateways.

They often mark the beginning of new states of existence, bringing endings, shifts, and quantum leaps. They have the power to make things known, reveal the truth, and alter the course we have been on.

Fundamentally, eclipses bring karmic or predestined circumstances that can move us into the next stage of our soul’s progress. Since a blood moon eclipse is the most powerful type we can encounter, it is safe to assume that everyone will raise their soul level in November.

In November we will also utilize the energies of Mars retrograde. When Mars is retrograde, it can sometimes make us feel lethargic or make us feel more drained if we have been working too hard or pushing ourselves too hard.

Since Mars is the least retrograde of all the planets, humans are more likely to notice its movement.

Jupiter goes direct in the sign of Pisces near the conclusion of November. Jupiter is currently in Pisces for the last time in the next 12 years, so we should certainly take advantage of this energy.

Jupiter’s presence in Pisces could inspire us to be imaginative and advance our spiritual awareness. Whatever November brings, we may be able to see it through the eyes of the Spirit, realizing that there is only love and that the Earth is but our education.

Let’s look at the crucial dates of November in more detail.

The Sun conjoins the Southern Cross Star and Acrux on November 4

You’re probably familiar with the Southern Cross if you reside in the southern hemisphere. This small constellation serves as a key marker in the southern skies and is depicted on the flags of Australia and New Zealand.

Our Sun and Acrux, the brightest star in the Southern Cross, coincide on this day. The base of the cross, Acrux, is associated with prosperity, success, blessings, and honor. If you focus on all the benefits around you, you will be able to take advantage of today’s energy.

Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus on November 8

The main event of the month is this! When there is a total eclipse of the full Moon, a Blood Moon eclipse occurs. The Blood Moon is so named because the Moon turns reddish during the totality of the eclipse.

Blood moon eclipses symbolize endings and can close a door in our lives. Although it may not seem like it at first, this closed door can ultimately lead us to a higher path, even if it is difficult to travel at first.

With this Blood Moon Eclipse falling in the sign of Taurus, issues related to money and relationships may arise, they may even be connected!

On a deeper level, this eclipse may also help us overcome some barriers related to thoughts of deservingness, or it may raise issues that need to be questioned or handled.

See if you can focus on where thoughts of unworthiness may be hindering you or causing the problem if you are going through a difficult scenario during this Eclipse. Find out if you can own your worth, define what it means to you to be worthy, and move forward from there.

Mercury Cazimi on November 8

Mercury and the Sun will be in perfect alignment just before the Blood Moon Eclipse. This phenomenon, Mercury Cazimi, denotes a new cycle of consciousness, mental development, and deeper awareness.

As Mercury aligns with the Sun, we become more lucid and begin to perceive things from a fresher and sharper perspective. Situations that were previously confusing or perplexing may become clearer.

This can be intensified by the energy of the eclipse, which can also illuminate and uncover a deeper truth. In this context, be sure to speak up and communicate your truth, as any lies or deception may be more easily revealed.

Sun in opposition to Uranus on Nov. 9

The Sun will be in opposition to Uranus, the planet of wakefulness and surprise, one day after the powerful Blood Moon. As a consequence, the eclipse could provide some unexpected facts or insights that help awaken and elevate our consciousness.

Whatever new information emerges, we will probably discover that a decisive change is needed. If this resonates, return to grounding exercises or spend time in nature, as if Uranu’s energy is strong, we may feel a bit uneasy or unsettled.

November 11/11

A day of alignment and wishes, how beautiful! 1111 is a potent angelic number denoting harmony with God and alignment. We experience the feeling of harmony in mind, body, and soul when we are in this state.

This harmony can allow us to live and create from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. Work to raise your vibration so that you can feel grounded in your Higher Self to channel the energy of this day. This is a practice you can use. Whenever possible, try it at 11:11 a.m.

Venus enters Sagittarius on November 16

For the past two weeks, Venus has been traveling in Scorpio with the Sun, sending her energy right to the core of who we are. Venus helps us explore our true values and lifelong desires while in the sign of Scorpio.

At this time we will be able to appreciate the love for what it is and what we need it to do for us. The planet of love, as it enters Sagittarius, will be in a much lighter sign.

Venus will support us in feeling joyful and light again while in Sagittarius. Venus in Sagittarius encourages us to prioritize our friendships and establish a fuller social life.

Retrograde Mars squares Neptune on November 19

Mars will continue to move retrograde until January 2023, so we will continue to experience this energy for the rest of the year.

Retrograde Mars and Neptune are at a 90-degree angle today, or square. The result can be stagnant energy that makes us feel confused or unsure of how to proceed.

That’s okay, although the way forward may not be apparent. Mars retrograde is a time to be cautious, to take a moment of reflection, and to avoid making rash decisions.

Neptune only confuses us when it wants us to turn inward and use our hearts rather than our intellect in making decisions. At this time, especially if you have to make a decision, trust your instinct.

Sun in Sagittarius on November 22

The Sun enters Sagittarius, a fire sign, symbolized by the archer’s arrow. The arrow travels determinedly toward its destination. Although the arrow will eventually reach its destination, the season of Sagittarius can serve as a reminder that the journey itself is most important.

The spirit of Sagittarius encourages us to move forward with our lives, but if achieving our goals makes us unhappy, it may be time to change our strategy.

In fact, in keeping with the Sagittarius mood, we should seek knowledge along the way rather than focus solely on the outcome.

The Sun leaves the water sign of Scorpio and enters the fire sign of Sagittarius, so we may feel a sense of lightness or feel inspired to learn new things.

New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23

The eclipse energies fade as the new moon cycle gets underway. You can now look forward to what the eclipses were going to stir up in your life, and you can start planning for the next phase.

After the aggressiveness of the first half of the month, the lovely gentle energy of this New Moon will be a pleasant change.

This New Moon has incredible energy to manifest, attract abundance and maintain a joyful outlook. The Universe will undoubtedly even show you a glimmer of hope during this New Moon if you’re looking for it.

Make the most of this beautiful new moon by setting intentions, recharging your space and energy, and considering how to infuse your life with fresh ideas.

Jupiter direct on November 23

Jupiter goes direct after spending the entire month of July in reverse. Being the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter’s movements will always be felt. Thus, Jupiter has moved from Aries to Pisces as it has been going retrograde.

Jupiter’s stay in Pisces has been completed for the next twelve years.

According to ancient astrologers, when Jupiter was in your sign, you were luckier. So be sure to absorb those extra positive energies if your Sun, Moon or rising sign is Pisces.

The conclusion of the lessons can begin to be felt when Jupiter completes its transit through Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces can support the growth of our spirituality and creativity. It is a wonderful method to recognize any development or growth in your spiritual connection and creative abilities.

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