How to call elves

How to call elves,

Gnomes or elves are small, grotesque-looking and very friendly. For some, they are just simple fables; for others, on the other hand, they are wonderful beings capable of performing all kinds of miracles.

Elves, how to call them to make our wishes come true?

Icelandic legends are linked to these stories, to the point that all its inhabitants strictly follow the traditions of their tales.

They say that each person is the architect of his destiny, although it is not a bad thing to ask for a little help, especially if the one who is going to lend it to us is a being with immense spiritual strength. We are not talking about the angels but the gnomes, also beings from another world indicated to help us.

Inspired by their infinite kindness and sympathy, elves can give us that hand we need to attract fortune, conquer a love that seems impossible and improve some health problems.

Where do elves live?

Eastern mythologies call them Devas, strange creatures with a scale of values and ethics far removed from the human race. Together, they live in a dimension or a vibratory frequency that not all people can grasp, since they are the ones who choose the witnesses of their existence.

They live on earth, in subterranean worlds where they reign as fertility and fortune genies and nature spirits.

It is believed that they are fallen angels, whose mischief and mischief do not allow them to enter heaven and whose noble values and extreme sensitivity for nature do not allow them to be candidates for hell either.

Thus, at that intermediate level, they have a myriad of qualities: they are patient, wise, joyful, mischievous and possess great healing abilities.

Now, among us… start to check your home, because, in addition to forests and tree trunks, these friendly creatures also live in the attics of homes, because they love old objects and among the plants in the garden or the yard.

What are the elves like?

How to call elves,

To tell the truth, their extreme goodness is not matched by their appearance. When you see them, they do not make a good impression because of their aesthetics. They are like wrinkled old men with brownish or greenish complexions and carry big noses.

Always wearing dark clothes and dragging their long whitish beards that barely let you see their mouths. Of course, their size and the beautiful qualities that distinguish them end up tinging their unprivileged features with beauty.

The fact is that these beings have mimicked the world in which they live so as not to be easily discovered; besides, they love nature. Both their habitat and themselves are covered by a halo of mystery, charm, humor, joy, love and riches.

The mission of the elves

In contrast to what happens to human beings, elves have always known their mission.

That meaning of life that we people search for and believe we cannot find, is the very meaning of the existence of these creatures: to protect nature. Elves take care of the roots of plants, the trunks of trees and the welfare of animals.

However, in addition to fulfilling such a small mission, they also act as guardian angels and, when they are not living in an ownerless forest, they take care of the inhabitants of the home they choose to live in.

Do they have the powers to help?

Not exactly.

Only that they are owners of an ancient book of magic and spells with which they can help the human beings they love.

These magical beings have been rescued from mythology by researchers of phenomena called ferric and bring their share of hope to the XXI century, even those who need to prove everything and want to see to be can no longer deny the truth proven by philosophers and scientists that there are invisible energies such as the anies, the plants, the planet.

The objects are animated by an energy, a spirit, or a divine breath of life, according to belief. These energies not only inhabit visible bodies but have an identity of their own. One of these forms of intangible energy is the elves.

According to the legend

That for every goblin doll you have in your house, seven real ones will materialize. Since they do not represent any danger, you can have as many dolls as you want. At most, you will have to deal with their mischief, but if you demand that they behave respectfully, you will succeed.

Also, to keep them entertained, you can put out a glass cup full of old coins, but don’t go taking a coin from them, because now they will be theirs.

In retaliation, they will start hiding their things. They are likely to remove them and leave a pile of rocks in their place. They are very fond of anything that makes music or sparkles, such as geodes (hollow stones), bells, or rainsticks.

If you want to ask them for a favor, like taking care of your house or workplace, offer them coins. They say they are our friends and goblins love honey, bread with honey or sugar, milk and red wine.

If you leave these delicacies next to a small plant we will likely count on them. If someone gets angry with you, for example in the office, the goblins are likely to have fun hiding what that person needs to make you laugh.

Even if they are only spirits, they can move objects with their energy, but they are not used to doing it in front of people.

The elves can make your dreams come true

Although it is the elves who choose people and not the other way around, we can have the possibility of summoning them to give us luck and abundance in any home and help us in that matter that keeps us awake at night.

  • A good start to attract them to our home is to decorate different rooms of the house with ferns or palm trees, two of their favorite plants.
  • Bury three golden coins in the garden or a flowerpot.
  • To place in the window a small glass of honey that is only for them.
  • Call them with love, with specific prayers, or in any other kind and well-intentioned way.
  • Then, it is necessary to enter an alpha state, that is to say, in a situation of deep relaxation and to try to call them with the mind, without other feelings than those of kindness and clean intentions.

The prayer to invoke them is as follows:

“O Lugh, magic elf, by the intercession of all the powers of nature, turn our poor coffers into brimming cauldrons of prosperity. Uncover thy secrets and touch our home with the rod of abundance.”

This is a possible invocation; however, we can put together another one with our own words, summoning the indicated elf.

If you do not dare to invoke them, get the figure of a gnome and have it as an amulet or figures in earth and stone, or place under the statuette a paper folded in three with the grace you are needing and after seven days burn it to release the request.

Throw the ashes in the water and do not forget to thank you in advance for your attention.

Calling them by their name

In the same way that people are distinguished from the rest by a name and a surname, in the same way, gnomes are distinguished by a nickname. The particular thing is that their name has a special relationship with the matter they deal with and the grace it can grant us.

There is an elf who is in charge of health, another one of money, another one of love and so on… call the one you need and ask him to grant you what you want so much.

  • Stagoros is the one who takes care of the plants.
  • Abitur is the protector of the works.
  • Priscob is a kind of warlord who grants all wishes.
  • Trippy the elf is dedicated to the requests of love.
  • Sumiziuss is the protector of money.
  • Riscolo watches over health, money and love.
  • Jurry is the protector of children.
  • Igor the elf of abundance.
  • Hatmie is the guardian of health.
  • Brownne is the protector of all nature.
  • Claus is the one who grants well-being and harmony.
  • Urukk protects the dreams of children.