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The emotional significance of hemorrhoids

Because there are different ways of living in conflict, just as there are different types of disease symptoms, Biological Decoding treats each symptom separately. And that is very significant. There are not enough veins in this area and there is only one anus.

The conflict with the veins

It conveys a sense of devaluation because it uses language like “not being valid,” “not reaching,” “not being able,” and “being incapable.” When we are not given a good place, or so we think, we devalue ourselves and even degrade ourselves as human beings in the eyes of others.

Territorial conflict of hemorrhoids

Knowing when the hemorrhoids first appeared (temporality), the person’s laterality and hormonal status are crucial in the case of hemorrhoids because these details will help us make a more accurate diagnosis of the type of conflict the patient has gone through.

Ectodermal conflicts are the term used to describe the symptoms in this organ, as the lower rectum and anus originate in the ectodermal layer.

In the repair phase, hemorrhoids are an inflammation of the rectal or anal mucosa. Hemorrhage occurs during an epic crisis, or when a conflict is over and symptoms such as cramps may appear.

Hemorrhoids inside and outside from the perspective of Biodescodification

The conflict has a relational and territorial nature that influences the identity. The person experiences a conflict of territorial anger in which he/she feels:

  • “I have been forgotten”.
  • “I don’t have a home”.
  • “I don’t matter”, “I am not respected” and “I am not recognized”.

Whether the conflict manifests itself in the internal or external region of the anus, it is the same.

We will pose the question, “What situation have you experienced with a lot of anger where you feel you don’t have your place or are not recognized?” to a hemorrhoid sufferer.

According to Biodescodification, pregnancy hemorrhoids

In the case of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, the conflict is related to the development of a new identity  In this case, we speak of a conflict derived from a change of identity and the inability to identify the new identity.

  • “Now, who am I, mother, woman?”.

We will pose a conflict question to an expectant mother who has hemorrhoids “How are you adapting to the changes in your body? Do you recognize your maternal and feminine self?”.

Depression and hemorrhoids

Stress and constipation are often related. Hemorrhoids are negatively affected by stress, which also leads to emotional exhaustion.

Hemorrhoids can be so uncomfortable that they cause people to become angry and depressed about not being able to go about their normal routines and activities. There may even be feelings of shame for “suffering in silence.”

Having to deal with this constricting situation and not finding a solution leads to feelings of loss of control, sadness, or anger. If the problem persists and worsens, the stress can become so severe that it leads to depression or other serious emotional problems.

When someone seeks help for depression caused by hemorrhoid-related side effects, we not only focus on the identity conflict; we also check their stress levels and help them discover intrinsic motivation to make healthy changes.

Hemorrhoids without bleeding

In this situation, the lifeline will serve as an effective therapeutic tool to find the cause of “not having the spot”.

Using this NLP tool, we can locate a hypothetical timeline and look for the physical symptoms of a previous event that had a similar tonality. It is one of the best tools for dealing with the unconscious and the vast amount of stored information.

Bleeding hemorrhoids

Once the symptom is resolved, working with family constellations can be very appropriate in this case.

The dysfunction of the mother-daughter relationship can be constellated with the symptom. The goal will be to regain her place in the family structure and to let go of everything that does not belong to her.

Bleeding during pregnancy

Visualization or creative work can be a powerful ally in this situation.

We will work on accepting our new bodies and roles. In addition, by using healing phrases to re-establish contact with the energy of the women of the clan, we can complement the work with Family Constellations.

Each person has a unique background and life experiences, so we customize the accompaniment to suit the characteristics, needs and emotional control capacity of each person.

With information from the Angeles Wolder Institute

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