March’s Full Moon in Virgo

March’s Full Moon in Virgo,

March presents itself as a month full of important cosmic events that promise to transform reality as we know it. By the end of the month we are likely to have faced significant changes healing processes and the arrival of new opportunities.

March’s Full Moon in Virgo: a medicine to face the cosmic shifts of this month

To prepare ourselves for these events, the Full Moon of March 7th serves as a lighthouse that guides our steps.

As it is placed in Virgo’s sign, March’s Full Moon acts as a remedy that helps us cope with all this month brings. This lunar phase becomes a specially crafted elixir for us, providing us with the necessary tools to navigate in this new scenario.

The Virgo Full Moon presents itself as a medicine that offers us everything we need in this stage of the evolution of our soul.

Hear the Call of Virgo’s Full Moon: A Journey of Healing and Self-Care

It is important to pay attention to the messages that the Full Moon sends us.

  • Do we feel the impulse to rest, let go, or open up to new opportunities?
  • Is the call to look within or to go out into the world with our creations?

This lunar phase holds intense energy that makes us feel like anything is possible, so it is essential to honor our needs and pay attention to what our mind, body and soul are trying to communicate.

A healing journey is underway during this Full Moon. Health and healing are fundamental themes surrounding this celestial event.

Virgo’s energy, full of beauty, urges us to trust our intuition and seek guidance and support from Mother Earth in forms such as fresh air, sun, water, herbs and nutrition.

Under this Full Moon, Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, are very active and amplify the healing energy available.

This planetary combination can bring miraculous healing and responses to any healing prayer. However, it may also reveal wounds needing to be addressed and magnify any area where we have not been taking care of ourselves.

We Embrace the Power of the Virgo Goddess to Heal and Transform Ourselves: March Full Moon

If health issues arise during this Full Moon, channel the energy of the Goddess Virgo to reclaim your inner power and remember the healing wisdom that resides in every cell of your body.

Listen to your intuition and follow your inner wisdom, knowing that any healing journey inspired by this March Moon will unlock a deeper and higher potential within you.

Under the light of the Moon, view your healing journey as a path towards greater wisdom and understanding that can open up new passions, purposes and life paths, rather than seeing it as a weakness or an inconvenience.

The powerful energy of the Goddess is present in the cosmic skies at this time, emanating from Virgo’s Virgin Goddess Eris and Venus.

We are called to remember the power that lies in practicing self-love, standing up for ourselves and honoring our intuition. It encourages us to fill our own cup first in order to be able to share with others.

The strong energy of the goddess can also bring destruction, helping us to let go and release what no longer serves us. Do not fear letting go of things that are not meant for you, because anything released under this Full Moon will only prepare you for the new opportunities that will come during the month of March.

Get ready for a significant transformation with the March Full Moon in Virgo

Saturn moves towards Pisces shortly after the Full Moon in Virgo reaches its peak, activating the closure of a previous karmic cycle and the beginning of a new one. If you would like to learn more about this, you can read more here.

Prepare for something greater as you receive the medicine that comes with this March Full Moon.

Recognize that you are being prepared for something significant. As you move through all this lunar energy, it’s important to be kind, patient and gentle with yourself. Pay attention to your needs and keep listening to your mind, body and soul.

Everything that needs to be illuminated will shine, and everything you need to move on to the next chapter will present itself.

Stay open and trust the Universe. We know it never brings anything we can’t handle. This Full Moon in Virgo brings us the medicine we need.

Meet Tanaaz, the intuitive astrologer and author behind Forever Conscious. Her mission is to inspire and heal through her powerful writing which includes best-selling books such as “The Power of Positive Energy” and “Soul Messages”. In addition to her writing Tanaaz runs online courses and in-person retreats.

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