Full Moon in Virgo: Purification and Empowerment

Full Moon in Virgo: Purification and Empowerment, InfoMistico.com

The Full Moon in Virgo rises on February 24, 2024, heralding the final Full Moon of the astrological year and the prelude to the eclipse season. This special juncture in our calendar bestows upon this Full Moon an intense energy of purification. We find ourselves in a deep cleansing process, under the guidance of the Virgin Goddess.

Inner Transformation with the Full Moon in Virgo

Invocation of the Virgin Goddess: Inner Strength and Wisdom

Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin Goddess, an emblem of autonomy, inner strength, and well-being. She knows how to prioritize herself and transform her body into a sacred temple. She recognizes that within her lies an eternal source of wisdom, intuition, and personal power.

In the lead-up to the Full Moon in Virgo, it is crucial to heed the call of our own internal Virgin Goddess. We must begin to listen to our hearts, bodies, minds, and souls. It is time to treat our body as the temple it is, acknowledging the beauty and gifts we possess.

By embracing this power, we will be fortified by the potent energies of February’s Full Moon, ready to face whatever lies ahead.

Messages from the Cosmos: Intuition and Healing

The Power of Listening: Intuition Amplified Under the Full Moon

The energy of cleansing and purification will be powerful under this Full Moon. Pay attention to your mind, body, and soul: What are they communicating to you? What do they long to be freed from?

Our body always speaks to us. Our heart always has something to say, and it is up to us to listen more deeply. Mercury, the messenger planet, orbits strongly around this Full Moon. Being the natural ruler of Virgo, its presence is magnified.

As the messenger planet, Mercury aids us in gathering information, and wisdom, and uncovering our inner and outer worlds. Under this Full Moon, we might receive messages or signs from the Universe to guide us. We just need to make sure we are attentive and trust our inner voice.

The Universe constantly sends us signals. Sometimes, these can manifest as a numerical sequence we see repeatedly, unusual encounters, or the crossing of a rare animal on our path. At times, we may hear a whisper in the stillness of our mind, or face a surprising challenge or a sudden change of heart that alters our course.

Under the Full Moon in Virgo, our task will be to listen and pay attention to the calls of the Universe and our body. If you have unanswered questions or seek guidance, make your request to the Mother Moon and then watch for signs and clues on how to proceed.

The healing energy intensifies under the Full Moon in Virgo, especially that related to caring for and nurturing our body. It is essential to take care of ourselves, so if you have been pushing yourself too hard or ignoring symptoms your body has been sending, now is the time to take action.

Empowerment and Boundaries: Saturn’s Guidance

Saturn as a Teacher: Establishing Healthy Boundaries

The supportive vibrations of the Full Moon in Virgo will enhance your efforts and serve as motivation, so seize its energy to empower yourself to change your diet, start a new exercise plan, or finally seek the assistance of a healer or medical professional.

It will be crucial not to ignore the signs, as they are likely to intensify to be seen and heard.

Saturn plays an active role under this Full Moon, and while its presence can feel heavy at times, it will assist us in setting boundaries, especially regarding our health.

Saturn will guide us to be firm with ourselves and give us the confidence to stand up and ask others for what we need.

Use Saturn’s strength to assert yourself and honor your boundaries. Saying “no” can be intimidating and confrontational, but keep in mind that the Universe is on your side and supports any effort you make toward achieving greater well-being in your life.

Overall, the Full Moon in Virgo is potent and will help us close the door on the astrological year.

Though there is a strong energy of purification flowing under this Full Moon, there are also supportive vibrations encouraging us to focus on well-being and nourish our inner Goddess. Our body truly is our temple, and the time has come to start treating it as such.

With information from Tanaaz, creator of Forever Conscious

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