Cicatrization Biodescodification

Cicatrization Biodescodification,

Diseases, such as diabetes, make recovery more costly. Healing also depends on other factors and almost everything, if not everything, has to do with you: with what you think, feel and do.

Cicatrization problems according to Biodescodification

Always give examples of colors. For me, coherence consists of three elements: thinking, feeling and doing. These three elements must be of the same color, otherwise, illness is served.

If I think blue

  • I feel blue, I think blue. I will be consistent.
  • If I feel red and green, I will not be consistent.

If we want to be healthy and live a balanced and coherent life, let’s paint our thoughts, feelings and actions always the same color.

Physical blockage of healing

Healing problems occur when ulceration, burns, or other wounds in the body do not heal.

Emotional blockage of healing

The person does not want to use his illness or accident to learn or get better. He still has his old conflicts, even using his injury as a means of blackmail to keep getting attention from others.

Mental blocks to healing

You need to review what discomfort, illness, or accident caused the injury so you can understand the message your body is sending you. Holding on to old things only makes you miserable.

You are blocking your path and preventing yourself from living in the present moment. You are still living in the past. Your body is telling you to use your energy to create different plans for the future instead of spending it on keeping old injuries alive.

This article has been adapted and translated by / By Monsalud Luque

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