Belly fat removing drinks

Belly fat removing drinks,

Both cinnamon and bay leaf are excellent fat burners and also good agents for the digestive system, as they help to digest and burn fat in a short time.

Natural anti-inflammatory and belly remover drink

The combination of these elements, cinnamon and laurel, made in tea, is magical, as they help you quickly lose weight, burn fat, remove the belly and are anti-inflammatory.

Fat burning homemade solution

They are also antioxidant agents that help us to keep our bodies clean and healthy. Here is the recipe for how to prepare anti-inflammatory fat-burning tea to remove the belly.


One liter of water
Two stalks of cinnamon
Ten bay leaves


Boil the ingredients for 10 minutes so that their concentration is strong, then let it rest, drink a cup of tea every day on an empty stomach and you will see the results in a week.

Remember to always consult your family doctor to consume these foods, because not everyone has the same body and some infusions can be harmful and cause side effects.

Although cinnamon and laurel are natural and so far there are no substantial contraindications, it is always good to have the opinion of our doctor and be sure of what we are doing.

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