Saint Teresa of Jesus Testimonials

Saint Teresa of Jesus Testimonials,

The 5th Centenary of the birth of Saint Teresa of Jesus was approaching and it was important to meet this great woman from Avila. To present it, some testimonies have been collected from people who met her in person or through her writings.

Learn about the life of Saint Teresa of Jesus in her 5th Centenary

Although to really know someone it is necessary to see and hear in the first person, these testimonies give us a fairly acceptable idea of who Saint Teresa was.

Maria de San José, the cultured prioress of Carmel in Seville, the saint’s favorite for so many reasons, describes in her Book of Recreations what Saint Teresa was like.

She was a good discerner of times and places, she had enviable know-how and her eyes were always on the sky but her feet were firmly planted on the ground. Despite her sublime mystical raptures, Teresa lived in the reality of the present and managed to carry out the admirable reform of Carmel.

Someone called her “Teresa the one with the big head”, highlighting her great capacity to organize, her enormous common sense, her tact and her intelligence. But above all, Teresa had the gifts of a mother.

As Alberto Campos said, “Teresa de Jesus will be, for all, simply the Mother: mother of her sheep, of her nuns, of her poor girls… of her big barefoot family”.

Saint Teresa of Jesus was an exceptional woman with a great capacity for leadership and organization but she also had a maternal and loving heart.

His mystical abductions did not prevent him from living in the present and carrying out his important work of reforming Carmel. His legacy lives on and his figure continues to inspire many.

The personal charm of Teresa de Jesus and her capacity to attract virtue

Motherhood and love are undoubtedly inseparable. As the wise saint said, to love means to persevere with joy and peace in the midst of adversity. There is only one woman who knew how to love more intensely than Teresa de Jesus, the mother of Christ herself, according to the writer Mercedes Salisachs.

Teresa had a personal charm that radiated around her. His sympathy, contagious joy and special grace to speak made people enjoy his company.

Mr. Aguiar, the doctor who treated her in Burgos, stated that the Holy Mother had a divinity with herself. The hours passed without anyone noticing it and people looked forward to the next day because his speech was very funny and his conversation was very soft, smooth and smooth.

One of the many graces that Teresa possessed was her ability to attract people to her and to her virtue. He seemed to have the rudder in his hand to move hearts, even the hastiest and guide them on the right path.

In short, his love for humanity was manifested in each of his gestures and in every word he uttered. Like the mother of Christ, her love was unconditional and intense and her example continues to inspire people to this day.

Holiness and Devotion: the life of Saint Teresa of Jesus and her influence on History

There was a nun in the Incarnation who subtly expressed that Teresa owned the gold silk. It was able to combine with any nuance and adapted to everyone’s conditions to conquer them. Fray Luis de Leon described it as “the cornerstone that attracts everyone”.

Teresa was, without a doubt, a divine woman. We admired her sense of God and her ability to teach everyone around her how to pray. Her inspiration to speak and write about the most profound mysteries of the human soul makes her a true teacher. His holiness is comprised of strength, humility and love.

Today, we honor Teresa not only as a saint but as a mystical woman, teacher and founder. Enrique de Osso, an illustrious figure of the time, had great devotion and love for Teresa de Jesus.

He called her a “stealing of hearts” and defined her as “the beloved of my heart”. For Osso, Saint Teresa of Jesus made virtue seem kind and ignited in souls the spirit of faith and love for God.