Parsley for luck

Parsley for luck,

As popular an herb as parsley is, it has originated several positive and negative superstitions, as it is considered a symbol of death, but also resurrection.

Parsley’s magical properties — Rituals and beliefs

For witches, the most famous magical use of parsley is as an herbal amulet for protection against bad luck, negative influences, enemies and black magic.

Furthermore, it was used by sorceresses as an abortifacient and for internal washings to provoke the same. Parsley was considered a mysterious herb because its seeds take time to germinate.

Pilgrim beliefs are to think that parsley grows faster if a woman plants it, but it has a negative counterpart for the male. In a house where there is very lush parsley, it is most likely that it is the woman who wears the pants.

Parsley’s malevolent effects

To counteract the malevolent effects of parsley, it was recommended to sow it on Holy Thursday and offer some parsley to Saint Pancratius, a Christian martyr under Diocletian, so that he would attract wealth.

The custom of offering parsley to St. Pancratius still survives and it is not uncommon to see the saint with a few sprigs of parsley in some stores.

Homer tells in his Odyssey, that on the island of Ogygia where the nymph Calypso lived, this island was completely covered with parsley, which used its natural properties as an aphrodisiac: with which the nymph seduced Ulysses.

For the Greeks, parsley was sacred

They cultivated it not only as a condiment, but also as a lucky plant and among them, it symbolized resurrection: Greeks and Romans placed wreaths of parsley on their tombs. It has always had a halo of mystery, perhaps due to the disturbing slowness with which it germinates.

Gladiators wore it in combat because it gave them cunning and strength. It had medical applications.

According to Aristotle, introducing the juice of parsley through the cervix induces abortion and introducing it into the genital area lowers the period in women with regulation problems.

Eaten as a salad on an empty stomach, it was used as a contraceptive; in fact, even today some healers provoke abortions by giving women herbal tea with parsley, or by making them ingest it raw.

In rural areas, it is still believed that given in infusion combats constipation, being taken as a tonic and stimulant. It was attributed to the gift of preventing hair loss and making it grow.

Charlemagne made it fashionable and had it planted in the gardens of his palace in the ninth century.

In ancient Rome, the gladiators, before going down to the arena, put some sprigs of parsley on their belts, convinced that this herb was conducive to strength and cunning.

Spells with parsley related to physical wellbeing

Restores health, strength and sexual vitality.

  • Placing under the bed a dish of parsley soaked with two or three drops of patchouli essences will help sexual creativity.
  • Parsley along with a plate of salt and cinnamon sticks, anywhere in the house, will ward off negativity and bad vibes.
  • On a lottery ticket placed next to a glass of water, in whose interior we will pour five drops of wax from a yellow candle, this will enhance luck.
  • On a photograph of a loved one and lighting it next to a white candle for about five minutes a day, will enhance the health of that person.
  • If we wrap parsley in a red handkerchief sealed with drops of red candles that we drop on a photograph of a couple, it will strengthen the relationship.
  • It is also used in many rituals to attract money and good luck in business.

Parsley for environments and people

When a good purification is needed, to eliminate accumulated negative charges and new and good energies enter their place, which contributes to the harmonious development of daily activities and new projects that you propose.

An environment with good energy is essential to attract good luck. This cleaning ritual for your house will ensure complete purification, so that bad luck does not cross your path.

If you feel that your projects do not advance, that negative energies haunt your home, the time has come to do the cleaning so that luck enters through the front door.

Ritual to purify the environment with parsley

What do you need?

  • A good bunch or bundle of parsley
  • Mineral water or rainwater
  • Unadorned crystal glass
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon

What to do?

This ritual is performed on a Tuesday at noon. Get several unadorned crystal glasses for each room of the house – including the bathrooms.

Fill them half full with mineral water or rainwater. Inside each glass, place a few sprigs of parsley, a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Place each glass in each room and leave it for seven days. If the parsley has become wilted, it is absorbing bad energies, if, on the contrary, during those days it has remained fresh, it is indicative that the house is well and only good things will come.

When you finish the ritual, throw the water in the toilet and the leaves in the trash, thank it for absorbing the negativity in your home and wash the glasses. When the following Tuesday arrives, if you wish, you can repeat the ritual.

If there are no negative influences in your home, the parsley will keep better than last time and will last for the seven days of the ritual. Always keep this in your kitchen or workspace.

Ritual of parsley to get money

What do you need?

  • Good bunch or a bunch of parsley
  • Glass with three-quarters of the water
  • A spoonful of sugar
  • A bill of the legal tender of your country.

What to do?

Take the bill and present it to the 4 cardinal points, turning to the right (like the hands of the clock) while saying this phrase:

“May I never lack home, clothing and sustenance, above all God’s blessing.”

The bill is folded toward one and placed in the glass with the sugar (which has also been placed and moved with the spoon like the hands of the clock).

Put the bunch of parsley as if we were putting flowers in water and finish by praying the Our Father three times.

If the water changes color, do not worry, the elements are doing the work of cleansing and lack. When the parsley dries, throw it in the trash and thank it for having absorbed the negativity of our home.

The bill is used to buy food – less salt.

If you perform the ritual for the second time put a bill of the highest denomination you can place, at the end use the bill to buy other items (clothes, perfume, etc.) and you must share with others your abundance (just as the parsley has shared with you its properties).