Letting Anger Dry: A Lesson in Time

Letting Anger Dry: A Lesson in Time, InfoMistico.com

Anger is an emotion as intense as it is fleeting, capable of clouding our judgment. Mariana, with her newly acquired tea set, faces a test of patience and forgiveness. Life’s challenges can offer answers from the least expected places.

The Tea Set and the Wisdom of Time

In a quaint corner of the city, Mariana greeted a blue tea set with a bright smile. By the next dawn, Julia, her neighbor and soulmate, sought her out for a game. However, Mariana already had plans with her mother.

With a hopeful expression, Julia suggested, “Could I borrow your tea set? I could play with it while I wait for you.” Reluctantly, Mariana agreed, but not without reminding her of the set’s significance.

Upon her return, Mariana’s world crumbled. Her cherished tea set lay scattered and broken in the garden. Tears streaming, she sought solace in her mother: “Mom, look at what Julia did to my gift.”

With her heart racing, Mariana wanted to confront Julia, but her mother, with the calm only years can bestow, advised:

“Sweetheart, remember that white dress you stained with mud? Your grandmother taught you to wait for the mud to dry to clean it better. The same goes for anger: let it dry, and you’ll see things more clearly.”

Forgiveness and Time

Bewildered but trusting her mother’s words, Mariana found distraction in the TV. It wasn’t long before Julia appeared at her door, holding a box.

With a shaky voice, Julia confessed, “Mariana, do you remember the boy from down the street? He wanted to play. I turned him down thinking of your tea set, but in anger, he broke everything. My mother and I found a set just like yours for you. I hope you can forgive me.”

Mariana, with a serene smile, replied, “Don’t worry, Julia. My anger has already dried.”

The two, closer than ever, shared laughter and memories, reminded that patience and time possess the power to heal wounds.

Anger, like mud, clouds our vision. Waiting for it to dry allows us to act with wisdom and calmness.