Mystery in Power: Freemasonry in Paraguay

Mystery in Power: Freemasonry in Paraguay,

Deep within the heart of Paraguay, a lingering question persists: Do the Freemasons dominate the nation’s upper echelons of power? While some dismiss this notion as mere folklore, others contend it’s an irrefutable fact that high-ranking governmental figures are active members of this secretive society.

Do Elites Seek Power Through Paraguayan Masonry?

Prominent public figures, easily recognizable, are associated with this brotherhood. But are these individuals genuinely committed to public welfare? Or do they predominantly serve the interests of their fraternity?

Lelis Rubén Olmedo, an attorney, doesn’t hesitate to express concern about Masonic influence in the judiciary. Yet, the recently elected leader of Paraguay’s Grand Symbolic Lodge, Dr. Carlos Quiñónez, counters this simply: “I’m no millionaire, nor do I perceive myself as powerful.”

Justice Under Control?

Diego Bertolucci, a lawyer and also a Freemason, staunchly denies any undue Masonic sway in the judicial realm. He posits that Mason’s primary pledge is to uphold the nation’s laws and regulations, a commitment made upon joining the order.

Dr. Quiñónez, who holds the ceremonial title of “Most Serene Grand Master,” will assume his new role come March, succeeding Nemesio Lichi. In a historic shift, he was chosen leader through an open election, securing the support of an overwhelming majority of active members. This transition, helmed by a representative of the electoral justice system, is undeniably noteworthy.

Moreover, the recent involvement of the president of the Lawyers’ Association, Dr. Óscar Paciello, in the Masonic election underscores the escalating interest—and perhaps influence—of Freemasonry within professional and influential circles.

A Trend or True Power?

Reinaldo Domínguez Dibb, a seasoned Mason who often finds himself at odds with some peers, views it as a “trend” among the political and economic elite. He believes many aspire to join the Masons for the promise of power and privileges. However, he cautions that of those driven by ambition, only a handful truly embody Masonic ideals in the long haul.

An Institution at Odds

As Freemasonry remains a hotbed for contention and internal feuds, the Catholic Church upholds its staunch disapproval, asserting that Masonic values will forever be incongruent with the Christian faith.

Nonetheless, the allure of the Masons, perceived by many as a shortcut to power, continues its ascent. The Freemasons, shrouded in an enigmatic aura of influence and intrigue, remain a subject of continued debate and captivation in Paraguay. Only time will reveal the trajectory of their national influence.

We’d like to acknowledge the original article penned by Ana Antúnez and contributed by La Nación Newspaper in Paraguay, which served as the foundation for this piece.