Dakota Building Urban Legends

Dakota Building Urban Legends, InfoMistico.com

The Dakota Building in New York is a majestic structure that has housed celebrities and witnessed tragic events, but it also hides mysteries and dark secrets that envelop it in an intriguing aura. Built in the late 19th century by architect Henry Hardenberg, its distinctive North German Renaissance Revival design and French floor plan made it a symbol of exclusivity.

The secrets of the Dakota Building and its dark past

A majestic structure, the Dakota Building rises imposingly at 1 72nd Street in New York, just west of Central Park. Although it is famous for having housed many celebrities and for having witnessed the tragic death of John Lennon, this building hides dark and mysterious secrets that envelop it in an intriguing aura.

History of the iconic Dakota Building: an architectural jewel built at the end of the 19th century in Manhattan.

The construction started in 1880 and in only four years, it was created by architect Henry Hardenberg who was responsible for the iconic Plaza Hotel. Funding for this project came largely from Edward S. Clark, the founder of the famous Singer sewing machines.

The Dakota Building follows the floor plan of 19th century French architecture and its design is characteristic of the North German Renaissance Revival.

Originally, the name came about because, at the time, it appeared to be located in Dakota in the northern United States, on the Canadian border, although in reality it was a long way from the city and did not even have electricity.

But distance did not hinder its success and soon the building was fully leased. With Manhattan’s rapid growth northward, the Dakota Building became a symbol of exclusivity.

Celebrities such as Judy Garland, Boris Karloff, Leonard Bernstein and Lauren Bacall moved there, giving it an air of glamour and prestige. The Dakota Building remains an architectural gem that captivates all who see it!

Dakota Building: home to art legends and unusual mysteries

The Dakota Building has been the residence of great artists. From John Lennon, whose legacy lives on with his widow Yoko Ono, to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony; to Bono, Sting and Roberta Flack. But it is not only fame that unites them but also some unusual facts.

Dakota Building Urban Legends, InfoMistico.com

Like the murder of Lennon at the entrance of the building; or the spiritualist meetings attended by Boris Karloff. Or even the black magician Aleister Crowley who performed black magic rituals in this place at the beginning of the 20th century.

These stories make the Dakota Building a unique place for those artists who inhabit it or those interested in knowing its history.

The Dakota Building: Paranormal Mysteries and Occult in New York City

When Boris Karloff died, paranormal phenomena were unleashed in the Dakota Building in New York. Terrified tenants reported seeing and hearing the presence of the famous actor as a ghost.

Tales say that the high priest of English Wicca, Gerald Brossau Gardner, also stayed in this building and performed magical rituals there, invoking supernatural forces of nature.

In fact, director Roman Polanski was inspired by this character to create the evil sorcerer co-star of his 1968 film “Rosemary’s Baby.”

Although only exteriors were shot at the Dakota Building, the film crew suffered a series of bizarre accidents during filming. In addition star Mia Farrow suffered a nervous breakdown and was separated from Frank Sinatra while living in this building.

The Cielo Drive Massacre: the dark past of the Hollywood luxury property

The infamous Hollywood massacre occurred at the luxurious Cielo Drive property, where several people, including the wife of Polanski, Sharon Tate and their unborn child, were brutally murdered, including the little boy who was stabbed with a fork.

Since then, the building has been the setting for numerous film productions, including the American remake of “Open Your Eyes,” known as “Vanilla Sky,” starring Tom Cruise in the title role. Also, actor Alec Baldwin shelled out more than 8 million euros to buy one of the most exclusive apartments.

However, getting a home in this place is not only a matter of money but also of winning the approval of the other residents. An obstacle that neither Antonio Banderas nor Melanie Griffith could overcome in 2005 when they tried to settle there.