Karmic Debts

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You go through a sequence of difficult circumstances in which you pay all your karmic debts before you “wake up” and become enlightened. Karma is a universal law that ensures that all our past life deeds are balanced.

How can karmic debts be paid off?

Its purpose-which is to generate circumstances in which the soul can grow and advance-is not, as some belief, to inflict punishment. In other words, karma works for our learning.

The human finds his evolution and “wakes up” among so many lies, discovering the greatness of his existence and becomes an Enlightened Being when the soul completes its learning, through all the lives it has had and experiences all possible conditions.

It takes more than suffering to pay off karmic debts

However, when we internalize the lesson we set out to learn.

This is why some people continually suffer the same terrible fate, believing that it is the result of their bad luck. Everything happens for a reason and there is always a hidden learning process, which is crucial to understand.

The challenging experiences we have had are precisely the ones that reveal to us in some way the bad things we have done within ourselves. In addition, there are masters in disguise who visit us to remind us of wrongdoings that we have not yet made amends for or rectified.

The crucial point is that if we accept the hypothesis that our current problems are likely to have their roots in previous lives, then we can conclude that we have selected our current situation to address those issues.

Karmic Retribution

Many people make the mistake of thinking that by recognizing their difficult circumstances as a karmic inheritance, they have earned the bad luck that has befallen them.

These people reason that because they did something terrible in the past and were evil, they now have to bear karmic retribution. As a result, they may experience intense karmic shame and resignation.

Pain is caused by karma

Ironically, the karmic cause of misery in the present life is often not a dreadful act of the past, but a guilty emotion that is not justified in excessive surrender to personal suffering.

Working with reincarnation constructively involves seeing difficult situations – or any kind of situation – as opportunities to fix problems that may have persisted over a very long period.

Working with reincarnation is similar to dealing with karma within a lifetime, which is usually related to learning a lesson: Is it possible to choose, consciously or unconsciously, to solve a problem?

When something is done consciously, it usually goes much faster. For example, if we are aware of reincarnation, we don’t have to wait hundreds of years to address a problem that is only present in our subconscious mind; instead, we can choose to be aware of it and address it.

Sometimes, all that is needed to solve a problem is to realize that it might be karmic; this dispels the mystery and clears up any confusion, leaving one free to address the issue from a practical point of view.

Instead of describing the problem as something strange, with no apparent cause, we can simply say that it seems to have its roots in a previous life.

Karmic connections

These are debts we accumulate from relationships or past lives with people with whom we did not act according to divine rules and the most important lessons to impart and learn are to love and forgive.

Our soul chooses who it will meet again before we are born so that we can rectify the damage we caused them and move forward spiritually.

Our partners, as well as our parents, siblings and even colleagues or co-workers, can be subject to these karmic debts.

Any preconceived notion that KARMA is something to be carried or painfully handled, or that karmic inheritance is irrevocable, is insufficient or inaccurate.

Teachers in Disguise

The people we have the most trouble with in this life are masters in disguise.

Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a boss, these people often make your life very unpleasant. You will often wonder why they do it and that is when you need to understand the law of karma. This person is coming to show you something from a previous life that you have not yet resolved or paid for.

This person may be mistreating you, but the solution is not to accept it and let the person pay your karmic debt; rather, the solution is for you to look for the root cause of this painful or upsetting pattern and use forgiveness and unwavering love to resolve it.

It is often the case that you begin to produce what is known as Dharma the moment you begin to give to this individual without expecting anything in return.

Akashic Records and Karmic Debts

There are therapies in which a professional and properly trained personnel in these specialties can open your past life records and give you a detailed explanation of what you have come to agree with in this life with certain people or specific situations.

These therapies include the Akashic Records, past life regressions, prayers to transmute karma, etc.

There are other methods to fulfill your karma without having to endure the pain, but there are some situations that you will not be able to overcome unless you learn them and forgive everyone involved, including yourself…

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