Coronavirus and sex

Coronavirus and sex,

In the past safe sex was considered to be the practice of varied sexual activity with consistent condom use to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex in a time of Coronavirus – What YES, what NO

However, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has changed this perspective and redefined the concepts of sexual safety.

Sexual intimacy is one of the areas of life that has changed significantly in the era of coronavirus. To ensure safety and prevent infection it is important to have an understanding of the measures to be taken during sex in COVID-19 times.

A clear understanding of what is and is not allowed is crucial to ensuring a safe sexual experience during this pandemic.

What is allowed in COVID-19 Sex?

Masturbation, as long as the necessary hygiene measures are taken for hands and sex toys, will not only prevent the spread of the virus, but will also help reduce the stress and anxiety generated by the quarantine.

Other alternatives such as phone sex and pornography are recommended, which in this day and age have become more valuable than ever.

For those who live with their partner, it is recommended to increase the frequency of sexual relations to face the quarantine period together. Having more sex is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and other problems related to being cooped up at home.

One positive aspect of pandemic in the digital age is the advancement of technology.

Today, there are numerous apps and online options for finding partners, making it possible to find a lover during quarantine. With these technological tools, it is possible to bring virtual fantasies and advances to reality.

What you can’t in COVID-19 Sex?

Kissing is considered the riskiest sexual activity.

Although the virus has not been detected in vaginal fluids or semen, it has been found in saliva. Therefore, if you do not have a steady partner, it is advisable to avoid kissing both during and outside of sexual intercourse.

Feces can be a carrier of coronavirus, so it is advisable to abstain from anal sexual practices during quarantine. This includes avoiding kissing and sexual activity from behind. Although condoms can be used, good hygiene is important.

Sex with strangers is not recommended during the pandemic.

Anyone can be a carrier or have symptoms of the disease without knowing it and transmit it during sex, so it is considered a risk. For this reason, it is important to avoid sex with strangers or group sexual activities.

Safety must be a priority in these uncertain times.

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