Biodescodification Ear Problems

Biodescodification Ear Problems,

The ear, which houses the sense of hearing, aids a person’s ability to listen and become more aware of his or her surroundings. This organ represents our ability to listen effectively to understand what is going on outside.

Biodescodification, problems in the ears — Emotional Conflicts

The most frequent problems are the following: otalgia, otitis, mastoiditis, pains, inflammations, eczemas and disorders beginning with Oto (such as otomycosis).

The balance center, which communicates information about the location of the head and body, as well as their displacements in various planes of space, is also located in the ear.

Ménière’s disease

Ménière’s syndrome develops when this function is compromised. Any problem that hinders hearing is a sign that the individual judges what he hears too harshly and harbors a lot of resentment inside. He tries to block out sound by covering his ears.

Since newborns find it difficult to hear adult reprimands, otitis is becoming increasingly common in children. Instead of hearing arguments based on emotions or the mind, they want to hear reasons based on reason. They also want to hear words that make sense.


Deafness may also manifest itself in someone who has trouble listening to others because he or she is preoccupied with planning his or her next words. This individual tends to live defensively and is often easily blamed.

They become angry when they receive criticism, even if it is helpful.

Difficulty hearing less or not hearing at all can also be caused by someone stubborn, close to the advice of others and only doing what they want. Deafness problems are common among those who are afraid to disobey.

They do not give themselves the freedom to deviate

On the other hand, they may be so sensitive that they don’t want to listen to others’ problems for fear that doing so will prevent them from having time for themselves.

The body is trying to tell the sufferer that it feels bad and wants to punish itself for what it wants or does not want to hear if there is ear pain that does not interfere with hearing.

If the issue is only aesthetic

For example, a woman’s body may tell her to give herself the right to enjoy jewelry without feeling guilty about putting it on to prevent her from wearing earrings.

It’s time for you to start listening with your heart’s ears if you don’t want to or cannot hear what is happening or being said around you (your ears are blocked).

Accepting that even if you don’t agree with what someone is doing, they are doing the best they can to help you. It bothers you more how you interpret what people say than what they say.

You will find it easier to love yourself and be more receptive to the opinions of others if you regain your self-confidence and accept the idea that they don’t necessarily wish you ill. You must change your mentality if you believe that others can only love you if you follow orders.

Going deaf

To have a defense for not having obeyed makes you so terrified of being found at fault that you become deaf.

You should learn to listen to them without feeling responsible for their well-being if you are the type of person who wants to improve the lives of all your loved ones rather than go deaf.

By doing this, you will be more empathetic and prefer to open your heart to others instead of closing your ears.

Instead of blaming yourself for your earache, it is wiser to modify your way of thinking. To do this, you can express your feelings of guilt to others, which will allow you to verify the integrity of your beliefs.

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