Tina Turner: Astrological Transits from a Legend

Tina Turner: Astrological Transits from a Legend, InfoMistico.com

At this time when the large square of the T which embraces Mars in Leo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius, aligns with the Moon Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio, we mourn the loss of the inimitable Tina Turner, a multifaceted diva whose legacy encompasses blues, pop, rock and beyond.

The Transcendence of Tina Turner: a look at her Astrological Transits and Progressions

Those of us who had the privilege of witnessing his live performances know that the memory of his vibrant energy, his palpable sensuality, his magnetic charm and above all, his unique voice is indelible.

Turner’s power was unquestionable, a gift that, while catapulted him to fame and success, also earned him a life of struggle and pain.

I am fortunate to remember the eighties in London when Tina joined Dire Straits and embarked on her most pop and rock journey. She worked in a restaurant called Julie’s, very close to Dire Straits’ studio in Holland Park, where Tina used to visit with her partner, another woman.

I had the joy of attending to her, sharing jokes with her, and, above all, enjoying her presence.

His presence radiated a bright light, his smile was irresistibly attractive and his kindness was contagious to everyone present. It was impossible not to smile back when he looked at you, a gesture that now, more than ever, we keep in our hearts.

Tina Turner: Unraveling the Mysteries of Her Birth Chart at the Time of Her Departure

In this article I will not delve into his life, that will be a story for another time. Instead, I would like to share the transits and progressions in your birth chart at the time of your transition from our physical plane.

It is well known that other aspects of its essence, the traces of its passage through this existence, will last for a long time.

Tina Turner: Astrological Transits from a Legend, InfoMistico.com

Despite what many might expect, Jupiter and Mercury are frequent figures at the time of death.

Jupiter, in its role as the liberator of physical form, and Mercury, as a guide to the afterlife. According to Greek tradition, it is Hermes or Mercury, who is responsible for leading souls to the underworld, the final destination for all after death. This god was the only one with the ability to enter and leave the underworld without having to die to do so.

The presence of Mercury is a symbol of mental function which suggests that great transformations occur on an emotional level. Mentally, we can analyze situations without necessarily being emotionally affected.

In other words, even if we can understand something intellectually, it doesn’t always match our emotional state. This reflects the complex relationship between our cognitive understanding and our emotional experiences in times of change and transition.

From Mars in Leo to Pluto in Aquarius: Tina Turner’s Astrological Journey

It is evident when analyzing his birth chart that Pluto in Leo, characteristic of his generation and positioned in his 12th house, carries with him an ancestral narrative of abuse and speaks of his desire to leave this plane in complete privacy.

This aspect is triggered by the opposition of Pluto from Aquarius and the squaring of Jupiter with the Nodes from Taurus. In addition, the conjunction by the transit of the Moon and Mars in Leo practically forms an exact Grand Cross. Your native Pluto becomes the pillar that completes the T-square of these days.

But, at the same time, Saturn, also transiting the cusp of its 8th house, joins its native Mars, one of the rulers of house 8, forming a trine with its native Sun and Mercury in house 4 which symbolizes the beginning and end of life.

Neptune, the other ruler of the 8th house that symbolizes death, has been in appearance with his Jupiter as if he wanted to remind us that death is actually a transition from one state of being to another.

These astrological interactions, reflected in her birth chart, illustrate Tina Turner’s transition from this physical plane to another level of existence, underlining the idea that death is a transition, not an absolute end.

It’s a reassuring reflection that, like Tina’s music, continues to resonate even after her departure.

Tina Turner and the Dance of the Planets: an Analysis of Her Transits and Progressions

Tina’s departure coincides with the return of Uranus, a phenomenon that occurs between 83 and 84 years of age. It can also be seen that its advanced Mars is located at 1 of Taurus which means that it is squared both with its native Pluto and with Pluto in transit.

Although these transits didn’t happen just yesterday, the transit of the Moon with Mars in Leo did trigger these events.

The asteroid Tina, located in Leo’s last grades in his first house and in opposition to Juno in his seventh house, reminds us how Tina adopted that name when she began her musical journey with her husband, Ike Turner.

This woman, this singer, this music has been one of the greatest in her field. If there is one thing he leaves us with, besides his music, it is his capacity for resilience, his power and his magnificent smile. Even in her departure, Tina Turner continues to leave her mark with her musical and personal legacy.

Thank you, Tina!

This article is an astrological guide based on astrologer Cristina Laird, creator of Archetypal Astrology and aims to provide information and perspectives for personal growth. It is recommended to use this knowledge as a complementary tool and not as a means to let the cosmos control our lives.