The Colliguay Cult Story — Antares de la Luz

The Colliguay Cult Story — Antares de la Luz,

Ritual to Eliminate the Supposed Antichrist

At 11:00 PM on November 23, the cult began a ritual to eradicate the supposed antichrist. “They used a type of igloo tent with an open roof and a hole in the ground, where they placed hot stones… The steam was intended to purify the environment,” explained a source.

They placed a board over the hole and on it the naked child, whose mouth was taped to silence his cries. “Antares avoided touching the baby to prevent contamination. While everyone was crying, the board was removed and the living child fell onto the stones. Despite his mouth being covered, his scream was heart-wrenching,” added the source, who noted that at Castillo’s command, David Pastén used a knife to dismember the baby’s remains. David even showed the prosecutor’s office and the PDI where he had hidden the weapon.

After this brutal act, some members distanced themselves from the group and sold their possessions to try to forget the horror they had experienced. Others continued preparing for the end of the world, which was supposedly going to occur on December 21, 2012, according to Mayan prophecies.

When this did not happen, the group dissolved, and Antares traveled to Peru in search of more drugs. “While he was there, he learned in January that a sister of a group member had denounced them and they were being investigated,” revealed the source. From Cuzco, Castillo sent an email to the members of the cult saying: “I know everything is known, so just play dumb.”

Family Perspectives

Antares’s father, Ramón Castillo Ibarbe, insisted on his son’s innocence. “It was not a cult, but a group of professionals who helped people. They performed social work, but that has not been mentioned,” he declared to “La Segunda.” Meanwhile, Andrés Franchy, Karla’s brother, recalled arguing with her over the concessions she made to Antares. “My sister attended several meditation retreats with him…

She signed checks to rent a property and lent her car to him for several weeks, as she felt sorry for the young people walking,” he commented. He added that the cult leader “took advantage of what he could to live without paying anything” and assured that “everything was done by deceiving others.” He confirmed that Karla was not present when the baby was burned. “She was a victim of this madman’s power of deception.”

Desolation and Justice in the “Antichrist” Case

Yesterday, during the formalization of the defendants, prosecutor Juan Emilio Gatica revealed the statement that Natalia Guerra provided to the BIPE. In it, she explained that “the entire community was aware that my son had to be murdered after birth and that we had to obey Antares de la Luz, because he was god.”

She added that after throwing the baby into the fire, “I was devastated, but Pablo Undurraga told me it had to be this way, that it was my karma. I sensed what would happen to the baby, but these were superior orders.”

One of the investigators mentioned that, after returning home and being overwhelmed by questions about her supposed trip through Latin America, “Natalia began to fall into contradictions. Even, she had a psychiatric crisis and revealed everything last Thursday.”

At the conclusion of the hearing, the four defendants were remanded in custody and sent to the penitentiary complex in Valparaíso. While the infant’s mother faces a possible sentence of between 15 years to life imprisonment, the other three members of the group could receive sentences ranging from 10 years to life imprisonment.

According to police sources, the four sect members who remain fugitives have active arrest warrants. It is reported that the couple formed by Pablo Undurraga and Carolina Vargas might be hiding in the mountainous area of the IX Region, as they were recently seen in Pucón and Villarrica. López, for her part, reportedly left the country following her parents’ advice. An international arrest warrant is out for Ramón Castillo…

Tragic End of the Sect Leader – Ramón Castillo Gaete

The lifeless body of Ramón Castillo Gaete, the Chilean leader of a cult that burned a three-day-old baby on a bonfire, was found yesterday in Cuzco (Peru), after an intense search by local police. According to Peruvian authorities, Castillo Gaete, who called himself “Antares de la Luz,” was found hanged in an abandoned house, ruling out the involvement of third parties in his death.

The sect leader had fled to Peru after the arrest of his companions by the Chilean Investigation Police, accused of burning the baby in a two-meter deep fire pit during a “healing ritual” in November 2012. It is presumed that the baby was Castillo Gaete’s child with one of the sect members.

Ramón Castillo Gaete and Sectarian Control

According to the investigation by Chilean authorities, the sect members consumed the hallucinogen “ayahuasca” in meetings where Ramón Castillo Gaete maintained sexual relations with all his female followers. The sect leader convinced his followers that he was a god and that, if he procreated, the baby would be the antichrist and should be eliminated.

Father Luis Santamaría del Río, secretary of the Ibero-American Network for the Study of Sects (RIES), commented to ACI Prensa that “the case of the sect that burned a newborn baby shows how the delusions of a self-proclaimed ‘god’ can lead not only to the psychological manipulation of the followers but also to the destruction of everything around them.”

“An innocent child has been the main victim of a fanatical dynamic of depersonalization led by the so-called ‘Antares de la Luz’,” he concluded.

Alert About the Dangers of Sectarian Syncretism

Father Luis Santamaría, an expert on sects, has warned about the “pathological extreme to which sects and new alternative religiosity can lead.” In analyzing the case of the Chilean sect, he highlighted the mix of various elements in a syncretism that is often observed.

“We see how courses on self-healing and self-improvement are combined with beliefs in apocalyptic prophecies, like that of December 21. These elements functioned in the sect as mechanisms of pressure to blindly obey the leader,” the priest explained. He also commented on the supposed divine outbursts of the leader: “The followers were convinced that they were before a superior being.”

The expert reflected on the nature of the leader: “We do not know if he is a psychopath, a disturbed individual, or simply a cunning fraudster, but in any case, he manipulated his followers economically and sexually, convincing them of atrocities such as that the child of a female member could be the Antichrist and had to be eliminated.”

The Danger of Ayahuasca in Sectarian Practices

“To strengthen his delusions, the leader made use of ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic substance that is extremely dangerous,” stated Father Santamaría. He clarified that although the sect was not satanic in the traditional sense, “as Christians, we can perceive in the actions of ‘Antares de la Luz’ the influence of evil.”

The priest emphasized the importance of the Christian supernatural perspective to understand how false religiosity and idolatry can lead to acts of destruction.

Call to Consciousness and Christian Testimony

Father Santamaría stressed that such corruptions of spirituality do not lead to humanization or fulfillment but to a “spiral of depersonalization and death.” Therefore, he emphasized the need for the Church to continue promoting true religiosity.

“We must show the God who has incarnated in Jesus Christ, a God who desires men to be free and capable of loving, cooperating in His creative and life-giving work,” he advised.

Finally, he urged Catholics to “bear witness to a transcendent God, who is also immanent, revealed in Jesus, walking and living among us.” This perspective, he maintained, is crucial to counter the sectarian deformations promoted by charismatic but destructive figures.

The downfall of the Colliguay Sect is a grim reminder of how charisma can cloud reason. The case reveals the urgent need to monitor and act against mind control and manipulation in vulnerable communities.