Mole’s and birthmarks past lives reveal

Mole’s and birthmarks past lives reveal,

How birthmarks from your prior life are following you. Can you recall your previous existence from a certain birthmark on your body? If the answer is no, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that birthmarks are allegedly connected to reincarnation and prior lifetimes.

What the moles and birthmarks reveal about your past life

The next time you see your pal, you’ll undoubtedly have a story to share about the weird mole on your body with your friends. However, if you have numerous birthmarks that are different colors, sizes and shapes, don’t forget to learn what each one means.

In a prior life, you might have been a prominent person who was murdered for money or love. Here are some legends and hypotheses that have been connected to it in case you’re inquisitive about the significance of a mark like that on your body.

Moles that look like a bullet point

Mole’s and birthmarks past lives reveal,

This scar suggests that you were shot in a previous life.

Lesions or irregular patterns on the opposite side of the mark are caused by powder burn. These stains may darken to brown with time.

The fact that it frequently resembles an embedded gunshot wound indicates that the bullet from your past existence was fatally stuck in your body. This mark’s suggestive color is black.

Moles that look like a stabbed wound

Mole’s and birthmarks past lives reveal,

Do not panic if you discover that you have this birthmark because it was precisely when you were asleep that you were severely stabbed in a previous life.

If the mark resembles a spot in your eye, the knife had likely gone straight through your eye. The mark seems to be somewhat curved. To emphasize, historically, stabbing has been a popular form of assassination. Keep in mind the story of Rome’s tyrant Julius Caesar, who was killed by his genuine friend Brutus.

Birthmarks that look like a poisoned arrow

Mole’s and birthmarks past lives reveal,

A common superstition is that if you have a reddish-brown area on your forehead that may even resemble a central mole and is surrounded by an uncolored ring, you may have been slain by a poisoned arrow.

Birthmarks that look like burning sing

Mole’s and birthmarks past lives reveal,

A mark like that is thought to be connected to your prior incarnation.

It is a birthmark that is red and resembles a burn mark on your skin. If the mark is dark, your trauma hasn’t been fully processed and your previous existence wasn’t that long ago.

It serves as a reminder that you were burned in a prior life if you have a healed white burn mark. You are moving toward karma-based repair when these marks start to fade. If it doesn’t completely go away, though, it may be a sign that you still have lessons to draw from this old trauma.

Moles that look like scattered moles

Mole’s and birthmarks past lives reveal,

If you have shot pattern marks on your body, it’s most probable that the bullets or shots that generated them were sprayed.

A very distinctive mark indicates how severely you were hurt by the pellets in the case of cannon shots, which are no longer used in weapons. Since the cannon fire severely burned the skin during that existence, it is often black. With each birth or reincarnation, the cannon birthmark gets smaller.

Birthmarks that look like a branding mark

Mole’s and birthmarks past lives reveal,

Criminals used to be marked with hot metallic objects in the past.

A dragon mark was typically made to distinguish activists, traitors, or criminals, just like in China. In India, a shape of an iron rod or the alphabet was brandished in this circumstance.

If your birthmark matches one of these brandings, you were undoubtedly once involved in some illegal activity. However, if you have any chain-like marks on your body, these are the result of the slave chains that were wrapped around your unpolished body.

Source: Times of India