The Astral Chart and the Cosmic Cross

The Astral Chart and the Cosmic Cross,

On the immense canvas of the galaxy, the Cosmic Cross is presented as a beacon for those seeking spiritual evolution. Discover how the four axes of your astrological chart can serve as a guide on your journey, raising your consciousness as you delve into the depths of your inner being.

Soaring Beyond the Zodiac: A Journey Through the Cosmic Cross

In the center of a canvas of stars, our planet, the Earth is swaying in a cosmic dance around an imaginary cross. This cosmic cross represents the four axes that make up the astrological chart: the Middle Heaven or House 10, the Ascendant or House 1, the Background of the Sky or House 4 and the Descending or House 7.

These angular houses, in astral terms, draw a cross with our dancing Earth at the epicenter.

But the Earth’s dance is complex, not a simple twist around a point. Like a spinning top in constant motion, the Earth wobbles in its path, with its poles tilted 23 degrees with respect to the Middle Sky. This angle changes over time, marking moments when the Earth’s poles and the Middle Heaven converge, aligning themselves with the cosmic cross.

Raising Consciousness: The Role of the Cosmic Cross and the Terrestrial Axes in Spiritual Transcendence

This astronomical detail may seem like a simple scientific curiosity but for those who study the connection between astrology and our existence, it has profound meaning.

The deviation of the Earth’s axes from the cosmic cross is a symbolic representation of our material life, of our mundane reality.

When the axes approach the cosmic cross, it is said that our consciousness rises, we become more spiritual and our attention is diverted from the material to the divine.

This spiritual elevation is a kind of inner journey, a search for the divine essence within us, a transcendence beyond the realm of instincts. As we approach the cosmic cross, we move away from the material world and connect with spiritual energies.

This change can cause friction with those who still vibrate at the frequency of earthly reality, who may view those who vibrate at a higher frequency as strange or unhinged. Despite the difficulties, the reward of this spiritual journey is valuable.

Our astrological chart, which reflects our trends in life, our karma, both in its favorable and unfavorable aspects, becomes a guide. But beyond being an immutable condemnation, our astrological chart is a tool for self-knowledge and transformation.

Great teachers teach us that our astral tendencies can be overcome and transcended through spiritual practices.

Astral Chart and Inner Growth: How Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation Raise Our Consciousness

Spiritual evolution transcends the astrological chart, but knowing our tendencies and working on them is crucial for this journey of elevation. Disciplines such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation, where deep breathing plays a key role, can be effective ways to raise our vibrational level and overcome our astrological tendencies.

Our journey through the cosmos is not a predetermined path. Each of us will discover our own path to transcend the predispositions of the zodiac and ascend to higher vibrations.

It is essential to know these predispositions by interpreting our astrological chart. Not only does this powerful tool show us our natural inclinations, but it also provides us with clarity about the behaviors and patterns we need to overcome to achieve higher levels of consciousness.

In addition, by going beyond what is written in the stars, we embark on a journey of inner growth that, according to astrology scholars, has the potential to bring us closer to a deeper understanding of our mission and purpose in life.

Cosmic Connection: Alignment with the Cosmic Cross for a Spiritually Enriched Existence

It is important to note that this path to the cosmic cross is not an escape from reality but rather a deepening of the understanding of how our souls are intertwined with the universe.

Astrologers argue that when we align our energies with those of the planets and stars, our lives feel more in tune with the cosmos and more at peace with ourselves.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that astrology, like many other spiritual disciplines, requires an open mind. Those who seek answers in the stars must be willing to reflect and act on the knowledge acquired.

At the end of the day, the cosmic cross is a reminder of the interconnection between us and the vast universe in which we inhabit.

The tilted position of the Earth’s poles and their possible alignment with the cosmic cross can be interpreted as a call to humanity to rise above materiality and embrace a more spiritually enriched existence.

By embracing practices such as meditation, yoga and Tai Chi and by exploring the mysteries of our astrological chart, we equip ourselves with the tools to navigate the infinite sea of stars.

Transcending the zodiac is not an end in itself, but rather an ongoing journey, an odyssey of self-discovery, self-knowledge and self-realization that allows us to connect with something greater than ourselves.

This article is presented as an astrological guide based on the research of renowned Venezuelan astrologer Pedro Gonzalez Silva, who is the founder of the Zodiacal Thermometer. Its purpose is to provide useful data and ideas to support personal growth. It is suggested to consider this information as an additional resource, without allowing the belief in cosmic influences to take absolute control over our lives.

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