Understanding the Astrological Chart

Understanding the Astrological Chart, InfoMistico.com

This post will explore the different types of astrological charts and how they help to understand ourselves and our own paths in life. We will discuss the Tropical Birth Chart, the Sidereal Chart and the Draconic Chart.

Understanding the Astrological Chart: An Introduction to Tropical, Sidereal and Draconic Charts

The astrological chart also known as an astrological map, captures a snapshot of the heavens at the precise moment of an individual’s birth. This celestial record reveals the positions of the planets in the different signs of the zodiac as well as the coordinates that make up the astrological houses.

The birth chart is composed of four essential elements and reveals the astrological universe of an individual.

  • First, the signs, the powerful energies that represent archetypes or ideal personalities.
  • Second, the planets, those celestial bodies that activate the qualities of the signs.
  • Third, the houses, which are determined from the time of birth and reflect life circumstances such as love, money, work, profession and more.
  • Finally, the aspects, which are the angles formed between the planets that generate various types of events in a person’s life.

The Tropical Birth Chart: A Guide to Unleashing Your Full Potential in Life

The conventional version of the birth chart, known as the Tropical, is characterized by the formation of the signs from the circle of energy generated by the Sun in its apparent path around the Earth.

This circle known as the zodiacal wheel is divided into 12 bands corresponding to the astrological signs.

It serves as a guide to unfolding your full potential in the different facets of life. This astrological tool illuminates your path and helps you reach your goals. In short, it is the chart of daily life that allows you to optimize your earthly existence.

The names of the zodiac signs were assigned based on the constellations, that is, a set of stars that more than 4000 years ago were aligned with the astrological signs. Thus, the sign of Aries received its name in honor of the homonymous constellation.

Every 2000 years there is a variation in the position of the astrological signs with respect to the constellations.

Currently, the sign of Aries is beginning to align with the constellation of Aquarius, which has led to the assertion that we are at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. 2000 years ago the alignment corresponded with the constellation of Pisces, which marked the beginning of the Age of Pisces.

The Sidereal Chart: A Look Into Vedic Astrology and Humanity’s Higher Destiny

The Sidereal Chart takes into account the position of the constellations instead of the astrological signs.

This technique is used by the Vedic Astrology of India and allows to visualize the higher destiny, the great goals and cycles of humanity. Unlike the conventional astrological chart, it uses the constellations as a reference to interpret the astrological aspects of a persons life.

The Draconic Chart: Discovering Karmic Lessons and Personal Growth through Astrology

The Draconic Chart is calculated taking the North Lunar Node as a reference and focuses on a person’s learning, evolution, mission and karmic energies.

This astrological tool emphasizes what is brought from the past to evolve in the present life, and how karmic lessons can be overcome to move forward on the path of personal growth.

It allows you to gain a deeper understanding of trends and opportunities in life, by reading about the position of the constellations at the time of birth.

It is also known as the “Dragon Chart” because it is based on the position of the Lunar Nodes, which are referred to as the “Head of the Dragon” (North Node) and the “Tail of the Dragon” (South Node) by Indian astrologers.

The Birth Chart: Exploring Astrological Elements and Additional Components

In a birth chart the most common astrological elements are the classical planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. However, nowadays, Chiron has also been included.

In addition, the Lunar Nodes and the Arabic Part of Fortune are included. But, although these are the basic components, a birth chart can contain many other elements that provide valuable information. Some of them are presented below:


Asteroids are another element that can be included in a birth chart and provide additional and more detailed information that complements what the classic planets provide. Some of the most popular asteroids in astrology are Juno, Vesta and Palas.

Prenatal Eclipse

The birth chart may also include a reference to the Prenatal Eclipse, which refers to the solar eclipse that occurred before your birth. It is believed that this information can provide clues about your past life, including where you were born in your previous life, the date of your disincarnation, and other karmic details of interest.