Blood Moon begins change in Israel

Blood Moon begins change in Israel,

After several evangelical leaders, Messianic Jews and believers will study the scriptures, they stress the importance of what a blood moon symbolizes. Increasingly, Orthodox Jewish leaders and scholars are saying that it will mark an important event for the future of Israel and its people.

Blood Moon initiates a change in the history of Israel

Bob O’Dell and Gidon Ariel, founders of Root Source, an educational program in which Orthodox Christians teach about the Old Testament, say that the fact that the Blood Moon is the first day of Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles, should not be ignored.

The last of the four moons that make up the 2014-2015 quartet will appear in Israel’s sky on September 27 where we are also going to have a “Super Blood Moon”.

The phenomenon occurs when the Moon reaches its closest approach to the Earth. So the Moon appears to be higher and on this day it is the only eclipse visible worldwide.

The last Blood Moon

The last Blood Moon, scholars also point out, occurs at the end of a Shemitah cycle, the seven-year period that fulfills God’s commandment for the resting of the land and the forgiveness of debts in Israel.

If that were not enough, it will also mark the beginning of a Jubilee year, a special period for Jews that occurs every 50 years.

“We’re not predicting the end of the world and the coming of the Messiah in September,” O’Dell said. “But if we look at all the blood moons that have occurred in history, we see that each time they marked ‘turning points in the history of the Jewish people.”

Fourth time in two years

A Blood Moon will occur on Jewish holy days. Tetrads only occurred 9 times in the last two thousand years. All the times this happened in the past, there have been significant changes in Jewish history: 1428-1429, 1493-1494, 1949-1950 and 1967-1968.

The tetrad in 1428-1429 marked a wave of forced conversions of Jews in Europe. While 1493-1494 marked the end of the Inquisition, which culminated in the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. From then on, they spread throughout the world in a hitherto unprecedented manner.

The blood moons

They also marked the rebirth of Israel as a nation (1948), after many centuries of Muslim rule. In 1967, the Six-Day War, which resulted in the conquest of Jerusalem, occurred at almost the same time.

It is believed by some scholars that in 2015, the Moon could mark the beginning of an event that will change the history of Israel.

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