Astrum Argentum: The Legacy of Aleister Crowley’s Esoteric Society

Astrum Argentum: The Legacy of Aleister Crowley’s Esoteric Society,

The esoteric universe has witnessed numerous societies and orders that have sought to decipher and transmit the mysteries of the cosmos. One of the most prominent and controversial is “Astrum Argentum” (Silver Star), commonly known by its initials A∴A∴

The Evolution of Astrum Argentum Post-Crowley: A Modern Mystery School

Founded in 1907, the British poet, philosopher and occult magician Aleister Crowley is the mastermind behind A∴A∴

Before its creation, on November 18, 1898, Crowley was initiated into the respected order “Golden Dawn”. However, after rising through its initiation degrees, confrontations with prominent members such as MacGregor Mathers led to his departure.

Motivated by dissent and his personal ambition, Crowley began forming what would later become Astrum Argentum in 1906, merging with former members of the Golden Dawn.

Crowley, a character in his own right, often adopted grandiose titles like Lord Boleskine, The Beast 666 and Master Therion. Although it may seem ostentatious, this reflects the cultural and esoteric richness that was sought in his order.

Golden Dawn and Thelema

Crowley’s Innovations in Magic and Occultism

Understanding the Thelema Doctrine: Beyond Sensationalism and Towards a Cosmic Connection

This name actually belonged to the internal order of the Golden Dawn. However, with the incorporation of the doctrine of Thelema, manifested in the “Liber Legis” (The Book of the Law), Crowley innovated by uniting magic and occultism.

The Theléma culture, in its time, was revolutionary, being perceived by some as a precursor to the hippie movement due to its ideals of sexual freedom, meditation and the amalgamation of cults.

In the last century, it was argued that the doctrine had a Satanist tendency with the goal of undermining Christianity. However, it is essential to address it from a more academic and less sensationalist perspective.

These practices sought a deeper connection with the inner self and the cosmos, challenging the established norms of their time.

A∴A∴ Post-Crowley

The Leaderless Order and Its Modern Influence on Mysticism

From Crowley to Today: A∴A∴ and Its Evolution as a Modern Mystery School

Since Crowley’s death in 1947, A∴A∴ has not had a supreme leader. Operating without a traditional priesthood, it functions with degrees and initiatory rites, allowing its members to advance in authority and understanding.

This order has functioned under different names and structures over the years, always aiming to guide the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Today, A∴A∴ is considered a modern Mystery School, focusing on group work and training in magic and mysticism, merging Eastern and Western traditions.

Currently, there are differences between the Temple of Thelema and the original Golden Dawn. New practices have been added that reflect learnings from the past century, focusing on self-knowledge and internal transformation.

The “Book of the Law” is fundamental to the Thelemic religion. Written by Crowley in Cairo in 1904, it recounts his encounter with an entity named Aiwass. This book details rituals, behaviors and prophecies, establishing Thelema as a religion based on magic and occultism.

Rites and Symbols

Astrum Argentum: The Legacy of Aleister Crowley’s Esoteric Society,

Astrum Argentum: The Legacy of Aleister Crowley’s Esoteric Society,

Astrum Argentum: The Legacy of Aleister Crowley’s Esoteric Society,

The largest Thelemic community in the world is likely in England, although there are a significant number of Thelemic organizations throughout Europe and America.

Important Dates

The main celebrations are:

  • The Equinox of the Gods on March 20th (marks the Thelemic New Year).
  • The Writing Day of the Book of the Law on April 8th, 9th and 10th (commemorates the writing of the sacred book).
  • The First Night of the Prophet and His Bride on August 20th (commemorates the wedding date of Crowley and his first wife Rose Kelly, of great importance to the foundation of Thelema).
  • October 12th (anniversary of Crowley’s birth).
  • The Great Feast for Crowley on December 1st (in memory of Crowley’s death).
  • In addition to the two equinoxes and two solstices traditionally celebrated by magicians and pagans in general.

The Rise of the Thelemic Community

Key Celebrations and Their Impact on Modern Spirituality

Astrum Argentum and Aleister Crowley: Traditions and Transformations in the Esoteric World

The Thelemic community has grown, particularly prominent in England. It features important celebratory dates, such as the “Equinox of the Gods” and the “Writing Day of the Book of the Law.” These sacred moments commemorate significant events related to Crowley and the foundation of Thelema.

The history of Astrum Argentum is rich and complex, intertwined with the life and beliefs of its founder, Aleister Crowley. Through his teachings and rituals, he has left an indelible mark on the esoteric world, challenging and transforming perceptions of spirituality.

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