Vertex and love in the astral chart

Vertex and love in the astral chart,

Discover the meaning of the Vertex and how it influences your relationships. Although not widely known, the Vertex is a crucial idea in astrology. Its mathematical nature, unlike the planets, which appear in our birth charts, maybe a factor in its unfamiliarity.

Vertex — Locate the love that will transform your life in your astrological chart

However, its importance is fundamental, as it will allow us to understand why some things happen to us and not others. Therefore, it is important to understand the zodiac sign under which this mathematical point is acquired, as well as the astrological house under which it manifests.

Vertex Description

The Ascendant represents how we present ourselves to the world, Vertex represents how we are perceived by others and, consequently, the events that concern our life.

Our destiny is the “ascendant” of our subconscious, the passive manifestation of the unconscious. Since the Vertex involves other people and, consequently, does not depend solely on our attitude, it seems that we cannot significantly alter what it signals.

It seems that certain life circumstances force us to develop in the Vertex stage. It has a karmic component; it functions as the programming of our soul on its way to natural evolution.

Psychological and behavioral disorders inform us by their depth. They are compulsive behaviors that are difficult to break and that damage our interpersonal relationships.

We will be able to change our life on the path of self-improvement, even if this energy is well used. When deciding who will be our true love, the universe takes it into account.

Vertex Calculation Method

Calculating the location of this point requires a thorough understanding of astrological concepts.

For our purposes, it is sufficient to know that the Vertex would theoretically be located in the right hemisphere of the natal chart, typically between the astrological houses V, VI, VII and VIII, which are the ones that have an immediate impact on the personal life and are the locations of the main turns in the life path.

Occasionally, it can be found in the IV house in regions close to the earth’s equator.

There are wonderful “online” astrological tools on the Internet that perform the laborious task of calculating the Vertex for us. These computer programs are even used by professional astrologers.

Just enter the data in the appropriate boxes and select “Vertex” in the “options” section. As it is not well known, few charts include it automatically.

The Vertex in the astrological houses

As these are the sectors where destiny, with a necessary and unknowable chain of events, is present, the Houses where the Vertex is found in an astrological chart acquire a special predominance.

They are places where unforeseen turns in life occur. They are the aspects of life that have the greatest tendency to repeat themselves.

House IV Vertex

The nuances of the Cancerian zodiac are reflected in destiny. Life will be genetically charged and nourishment will be more important than physical appearance. We can devote ourselves to activities related to helping others.

With this Vertex, it is very likely that someone we have known for a long time – like our best friend – will suddenly appear to us with new eyes. Family-centered events, such as weddings and communions, are very important.

House V Vertex

All interaction with the environment, which is where happiness is expected to come from, is continuous. When the mistake is made of placing too much faith in the outside world, difficult challenges appear, such as financial difficulties or illness and above all an excessive appetite for exciting and dangerous games.

Playful environments are very likely to contain the love of our life (concerts, parties, board games, etc.).

House VI Vertex

Individuals with the Vertex in this house cultivate patience and a life dedicated to service, but in return, they may also develop some rigid behaviors.

Love for those with this Vertex can be found in environments where law and duty are fulfilled (school, work, etc.) Loves develop between a doctor and a patient, a teacher and a student, etc.

House VII Vertex

It is a position marked by doubts and long-lasting conflicts, but also by a powerful will. The most difficult experiences and the most stimulating moments are shared with a partner.

The most intense love undoubtedly comes from this vertex and we will likely meet our true love while we are dating someone else.

House VIII Vertex

Great transformational experiences are possible thanks to a volcanic and magnetic unconscious, in which sex, money and death will be very present. Strong impulses to create or destroy.

Typically, a vertex in this house favors precocious personalities who are overly demanding and have an innate understanding of the psychology of others. There is a tendency to meet the partner in “shady” environments, as well as those who place importance on spiritual authority.

The Vertex in the astrological signs

While the Houses tell us about “happenings,” the zodiac sign of the Vertex will help us understand the hidden drives that drive our personality. These are the qualities that require our attention to recognize and change them.

The Vertex can be activated during a planetary transit of one or more of your planets, bringing with it a deep nature that is difficult to control.

Vertex in Aries

Identity problems and an unmasked form of narcissism make us prone to jealousy and anger issues.

The most typical symptom of this Vertex in Aries is that we feel the need to express our negative emotions, but often repress them, which causes us to explode in the worst way when the Vertex is activated…

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