Sun and Mars conjunction in Virgo

Sun and Mars conjunction in Virgo,

It is predicted that at the end of this month and the beginning of September, there will be a conjunction between the Sun and Mars in Virgo, according to World Astrology, which studies planetary influences on a collective level. This alignment can generate conflicts, confrontations and even wars.

Sun and Mars conjunction in Virgo at the end of August and early September: conflicts and confrontations on the horizon?

The last time a similar conjunction occurred was at the end of July 2017 in Leo and had a strong impact on Venezuela.

During those days, the media reported violent clashes between protesters and security forces resulting in the deaths of at least two people and the arrest of 50 more.

This happened during a 48-hour general strike called by the opposition against the Government’s Constituent Assembly and a “Takeover of Venezuela” was also announced. It is important to be aware of the possible effects of the conjunction between the Sun and Mars in Virgo on this occasion.

The Effects of the Astrological Conjunction of the Sun and Mars

An astrological conjunction occurs when two or more planets coincide at the same point in a sign generating strong effects on behavior and energies.

In Helena Martin’s book “The Planets in the Astrological Universe” she points out that both Sun and Mars have similar masculine characteristics and act openly and directly inducing individual self-affirmation through action.

Although the Sun and Mars have notable differences, such as the Sun representing good and Mars representing evil, these concepts are relative and limited to our perception of things.

Helena Martin argues that a conjunction between the Sun and Mars can manifest through action and aggression, but does not necessarily imply violence. This alignment favors the deployment of inexhaustible energy channeled according to the zodiac sign in which the conjunction occurs and manifests in the need for constant movement.

The astrologer believes this conjunction generates sustained creative potential that fosters initiative and entrepreneurship, although it may also generate impatience. The desire to accomplish things immediately and a constant flow of ideas can lead to a great dispersion in goals and achievements.

Regarding collective effects studied through world astrology, astrologer André Barbault suggests in his book “Experimental Astrology Forecasting” that when conjunctions and oppositions of the Sun and Mars occur, an aggressive climate can be observed in the world.

Barbault lists a series of conflicts between countries that occur under this energy. It is interesting to note that at the onset of World War II, Venus and the Sun were in conjunction in Virgo on September 1, 1939.

In a twist of fate “coincidentally” on September 1 of this year, the planets Sun and Mars will be in conjunction in the same sign, Virgo, with Venus nearby.

Conjunction between the Sun and Venus in Leo: an opportunity for reconciliation or a warning sign?

Before that date, on August 14th, the Sun and Venus will unite in Leo, the same sign where Mars is currently located. Although one may think that this conjunction, given the traditional interpretation of Venus as the planet of love and human relationships, could be a favorable moment for reconciliation and agreements, we must consider that Venus and the Sun were also in conjunction in Virgo in September 1939 when World War II broke out.

It is important to consider that Venus in Virgo is in an unfavorable position, which reduces its ability to influence emotional and conciliatory matters.

In September of this year, Venus will be in close conjunction with the Sun and Mars, which will lead us to reflect on how this planetary energy will manifest.

Facts never manifest themselves in the same way and the planets do not always align in the same way. Therefore, we must remain vigilant to see how events will unfold.

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