Salt and Vinegar Ritual

Salt and Vinegar Ritual,

Since ancient times, salt and vinegar have been used in alchemy, religions, and magic rituals, among other things. In many nations, they are considered traditional components of hospitality.

Salt and vinegar ritual to remove negative energies

For example, troops were entitled to request them wherever they stayed, according to the Military Ordinances of Charles III.

The reaction between the two components, which we could place in the physical-chemical nexus, is the basis of the salt and vinegar ceremony. In practice, it usually eliminates noxiousness or the evil eye, despite being a very ancient method of cleansing.

The formula of the vinegar with salt

  • Put 3 spoonfuls of salt in 1 glass.
  • Put some white wine vinegar (the normal one).
  • Place the glass on a plate and put it behind the front door of the house. Place numerous “cleaning jars” around the house if it is large.
  • One can be placed behind the door, another in the dining room and a third under the bed.
  • Ignore them and leave them alone. Check a few days later to see how they are doing.

If the salt has “climbed” up the glass, it indicates that it is removing vibrations from the surroundings, small vibrations (envy, jealousy, arguments, etc.).

If the bottom salt has changed color – green, pink, purple, etc. – it indicates that the environment is unfavorable.

If the salt has not evaporated and is normal, there is no negativity present.

Leave the salt alone until it evaporates, whatever it’s color. Avoid touching the salt with your hands, as it contains negativity. To dissolve the salt, remove it and rinse it with water. When you want, repeat the procedure.

How does the salt and vinegar technique work?

Salt becomes saturated with ions when vinegar is added. As it evaporates, it passes into the environment and prevents negative vibrations from developing.

Since vinegar is an acid and negative thought forms are prevalent in the environment, vinegar is a useful cleansing agent. Occasionally, strange forms can be seen in the salt. In addition, they are interpreted.

If the salt begins to “flake” and comes out of the glass upward, it indicates that the negative is a result of emotional distress, lead visits, or anger. Because it is a daily source of energy, it is not harmful. The friction and ease with which people coexist can serve as motivation.

If the salt crystallizes and creates “needles” protruding from the mouth of the glass, this indicates that envy, unexpressed thoughts, mental discomfort, and hostility are to blame for the bad vibes. There is a sense of a struggle of wills.

In this situation, it is best to seal the individual and synchronize the environment. It is possible that those present are ill and their discomfort is causing covert envy.

Beware if the salt produces strange forms such as crows, toads, snakes, or snakes. We may have an avowed enemy who has ill feelings towards us.

Salt is read in two ways, depending on its form. In either case, spikes, needles, or ominous symbols point to the negative. The most pleasing feature is that it neither goes out nor is it colored. For it shows that the place is completely clean.

Have you never practiced this formula?

I implore you to do it. Seeing it work is amazing. You don’t need to have faith in it for it to work. It works without the need for belief.

I suggest you use common table salt. Use only regular salt; never use iodized salt or anything else. Any regular salt you have for cooking, please. It is the same with vinegar. I have used red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, lemon vinegar, and others.

In the end, nothing beats the common ingredient, white wine vinegar, which is the most affordable at any grocery store.

Ahhh… One more thing Some people suggest placing a full glass of water and salt to clean the area. Okay, no problem. But salt and vinegar are unparalleled. Put vinegar and salt in the place of water. The best thing to do is that.

The laws of chemistry state that…

With his theory of dissipative structures, which won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977, Prigogine was able to demonstrate that this is possible.

He used the fascinating Belusov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction to support his theory. Prigogine showed that the second law of thermodynamics can be overcome under three circumstances:

  • That it be a nonlinear system, i.e., that its causes and effects are not inversely proportional.
  • That it is far from stability
  • That a flow of energy passes through it.

Salt rise phenomenon

This is an illustration of a dissipative structure similar to the BZ reaction. Although acetic acid predominates, vinegar is a combination of several other chemicals produced by acetic fermentation of wine.

Although acetic acid cannot replace the hydrochloric acid in the salt, other reactions with other components are likely to be initiated when this acid becomes saturated. From a chemical point of view, the mixture cannot effervesce. This medium is non-linear and out of equilibrium.

Two of Prigogine’s conditions are fulfilled

Could the third, the movement of energy, be caused by these evil beings or forces? Prigogine’s theories are also used by Free Energy advocates to support the capture of an energy flow from the chaotic Zero Point.

Vitalist schools assume that there is an energetic component (bioplasma, orgone, prana, Qi, etc.) that preserves the complexity of vital phenomena, defying the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the principles of Physics.

We could establish a link between the “evil spell” that a witch casts at a distance and what maintains and nourishes these disturbing presences.

The reaction of vinegar and salt

It requires an energetic flow from the outside, which preferentially captures the energy needed for these projections or the energy mobilized by the sorcerers. The flow is distorted and the toxic charge eventually disappears.

In sacred places (temples, etc.), where there is supposed to be an intense positive energetic charge due to the location in telluric energy sources, the accumulation of positive projections of the faithful who have frequented it for years and the hypothetical presence of beneficial dimensional entities, such as angels, this reaction can also occur, and sometimes with surprising speed.

In a way, it resembles the responses of alchemy, which are influenced by subtle energies emanating from the alchemist’s being, as well as from other extradimensional sources, such as the ocean of energy he mobilized.

The salt and vinegar experiment, in either case, is a sign of ambient energy, which can be beneficial and healthy or negative and disruptive.

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