New Moon in Virgo Tanaaz

New Moon in Virgo Tanaaz,

On August 27, 2022, a Virgo New Moon will mark the beginning of a new lunar cycle as August draws to a conclusion. It’s time to reset our inner world as we start a new moon cycle. It is time to think about what is no longer promoting our wellbeing and maximum progress.

New Moon in Virgo, August 2022 by Tanaaz

It is time to consider what new behaviors, routines and practices we may adopt to move us closer to a sense of harmony, peace and belonging.

As you read this, pause for a moment and consider: What is one easy thing I can do to move closer to a sense of alignment, calm and belonging? Even the most straightforward displays of self-love matter!

The new moon this month has grounded energy because it is in the earth sign of Virgo. It urges us to plant our feet firmly in the ground, to feel a part of everything around us and to keep in mind how much simpler life is when we live by the season.

Virgo New Moon’s

Utilize the Virgo New Moon’s energy to accept your situation, ground yourself and acknowledge that your soul chose to be in this location and at this particular moment in time.

It doesn’t matter why, but even if it doesn’t feel like it, knowing you are walking where you are supposed to be heading can give you a sense of serenity. Whatever that means to you, permit yourself to discover the truth in that assertion.

Allow yourself to totally and unwaveringly believe that you are exactly where you need to be and that everything that is happening right now is guiding you to your fullest manifestation of soul and progress.

The Virgin Goddess

The symbol of Virgo is our mentor during this New Moon energy. The Virgin Goddess is a picture of completeness. She is whole and perfect in her own right. She feels satisfied and full of herself. Her wisdom comes from within.

The Virgin Goddess encourages us to tap into our inner strength and to keep in mind that everything we require is already within us; all we need to do is take the necessary measures to honor our mind, body and soul. Simply put, we must learn to respect our bodies as the sacred temples they are.

Consider ways we may all embrace the notion that our bodies are our temples as one of the best ways to make use of the Virgo New Moon’s energy.

How do you treat yourself with the respect that a sacred being deserves? This frequently just calls for listening. simply paying attention to your body and the inner wisdom that arises.

Pay attention and follow your intuition

If you pay attention and follow your intuition, your body can serve as a messenger. If you are having health issues that don’t seem to have an obvious solution, ask your Higher Self, Angels, Guides, or even Mother Moon to send you a sign. Trust the wisdom that emerges after asking your body to tell you what it needs.

Sometimes, this wisdom will warn us about the things or people we should avoid, while other times, it will warn us about the appropriate foods to eat, supplements to take, or doctors to see. The Virgo lunar vibrations will be with you every step of the way if you learn to be your own best advocate, whatever that means for you.


Under this New Moon, Mars, the planet of action, vigor and fire, is particularly active. Mars’ energy might occasionally make us feel a little agitated and stir up any anxieties and insecurities we may be harboring. It can also reduce our capacity for tolerance, leaving us impatient and prone to irritation.

If you see any of these sensations coming on, being conscious of this might help you be kind to yourself and others. On deeper levels though, when we have unresolved anxieties and insecurities that are keeping us from speaking our truth and acting on our desires, Mars frequently arouses these less pleasant emotions in us.

Mars has the power to release any areas of self-restraint brought on by anxiety or uncertainty. Any frustration or aggravation we experience can point to a place where we haven’t been advocating for ourselves, following our interests or hearts, or remaining true to ourselves.

If you notice yourself becoming a little agitated, consider where it might be coming from and take care not to vent to the wrong people. At the very least, Mars energy can be directed toward physical activities. Additionally, with the Moon in Virgo, you may want to use this time to deep clean or reorganize your environment.

Mars energy

Working with Mars energy effectively can offer us the courage and fortitude we need to overcome our anxieties and address what is truly ailing us. When we combine this with the energy of the New Moon, we may utilize it to make intentions that are bold and designed to help us overcome our anxieties.

This is an excellent time to check if you can overcome your fears, even if just to a tiny degree if there is something you’ve wanted to pursue but have felt held back by them. Set some goals for overcoming your worries during this New Moon and experience the universe’s assistance in the process.

With information from Tanaaz

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