New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra,

There is always a strong sense that something allows us to start something new around the time of the New Moon.

New Moon in Libra — Archetypal Astrology

This New Moon, which occurs at the beginning of the cardinal sign of Libra, two days after the Spring-Autumn Equinox, is very strong because it can be used for projects, visions, or reorientations.

It motivates us to connect with that someone “to share”, to reflect with, to pass the buck with, to nurture, to project, to discuss, etc.

This is the sign of balance, equilibrium, commitment and harmony, ruled by Venus, which inspires us to relate, to find that other, with whom to walk our path, with whom to share an idea, a business, a creative project, a life, or whatever we need to accomplish with another.

New Moon in Libra

The most amazing thing about this New Moon in Libra is that it forms in opposition to Jupiter in Aries, which is traveling retrograde into the ocean of Pisces once again from October 28 until December 21 (the summer-winter solstice), when it will re-enter Aries to stay until May 16, 2023, when it enters Taurus until May 2024.

Jupiter will be retrograde across the ocean of Pisces for the second time this year.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries presents a challenge during this benevolent New Moon to collaboration, because it often tempts us toward expansion in ways that disregard others.

But it is also true that it can reveal brilliant insights into our actual understanding of what it means to “collaborate” in certain circumstances. Exercising “feedback” when working together to complete a project (in partnership, at work, in artistic endeavors, etc.).

Exchange ideas with others and be receptive to the ideas we get back. This back-and-forth exchange of ideas is essential to the Libra effort.

The problem arises when Jupiter is in Aries and makes us believe that our ideas are the best. But that back and forth is necessary for “collaboration,” Libra’s favorite word.

Even if they seem contrary to our own, it benefits us to be open to each other’s opinions. We would not develop or learn if we lived in isolation in this world. This New Moon in Libra focuses on the “exchange of ideas,” which means that cooperation equals teamwork.

Mercury Retrograde

Don’t lose sight of the fact that Libra is about more than love. Fortunately, Mercury retrograde at 27° and Venus at 25° in the sign Virgo will be with them when the Sun and Moon align precisely to begin this Lunation on September 25 at 21:54 GMT at 48′ 2° Libra; these two can lend an element of work to the theme as well as warmth.

This weekend, having long talks and exchanging ideas will be in vogue. This will help us see that, with a little listening and a sincere willingness to work together, almost all situations can be handled. Venus will contribute to the feeling of warmth and friendliness.

The Saturn-Uranus square, which appeared precisely three times last year and which we all felt in the tension generated by Covid’s “masks” and limitations, further dividing us into those who follow collective instructions and those who don’t, is back in early September.

As a result, issues that arose in our lives after 2020-particularly those involving an institution or other authority-are back in the discussion.

This time, with the New Moon in Libra, we have the opportunity to have a conversation to resolve some of the outstanding concerns.

In this lunation, it is feasible to put an end to old problems

The need to the group will be more imperative than the need to go on our own. Going with people and being accompanied is as important to know ourselves better than walking alone when we need to find ourselves to find our answers.

This last is appropriate at this time, as Venus, the ruler of Libra, asks us to reach out and form bonds.

Whatever relationship, project, or conversation is initiated will have work aspects, with the intensity and healing desire of Chiron, which in its Virgo part suggests that our work should be our therapy.

Venus is in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury for the more traditional astrologers, but also by Chiron, Ceres and Vesta for the more contemporary ones.

This wise centaur is the one who shows us how to find healing through effort, exploration and creativity. According to Vesta, nothing spectacular can happen without concentration, that is, without gathering disagreements, conceptions, or other ideas around a single notion or aspect that is considered the most crucial.

The principle of concentration is Vesta

When Ceres speaks to us of soul sustenance, it clarifies that we can feed the soul and align the ego with the soul, completing who we are in what we do (Virgo).

To fulfill the calling of this New Moon in Libra, we must let ourselves be carried by the revulsive impulse that points us in the direction of cooperation, encounter, healing relationships, soul repair, forgiveness, listening and, above all, evolution, freeing us from the debilitating comfort that prevents us from being better versions of ourselves.

Mars in Gemini and Saturn in trine provide us with the patience and self-control we need to complete this effort.

Finding a middle ground where we can meet people or other people halfway is where we can find serenity because we can’t always get our way.

With information from Archetypal Astrology – Cristina Laird

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