Moon phase calendar September 2022

Calendario Lunar / Moon Calendar

Moon phases for September 2022. In September we will have a new moon on September 25 and a full moon on September 10. We can see the Moon in the sky appearing every month, growing, reaching fullness.

Calendar — Moon Phases September 2022

The moon describes its daily circular path around the earth and makes day and night possible by its rotation around its axis.

The sun illuminates us during the day and represents the principle of masculinity, unity, and regularity in the cycles and shows the seasons through its passage, while the moon, the lady of the night, symbolizes the principle of femininity, periodic irregularity, and diversity of its continuous changes.

Moon Calendar September 2022

moon calendar september 2022

This diverse and diverse character is manifested in different phases of the moon, which are directly related to the biological rhythm of a person: birth, growth, abundance, decay, and death.

In the system of planetary cycles, the months are the shortest, and each month of the year occurs (or begins) one month approximately every 29.5 days until the end of the year has formed 13 months.

Most ancient calendars depended on the lunar cycle to measure time, and this is the origin of the months.

The new moon occurs at the exact moment of conjunction when the sun and moon are at the same degree, minute, and second of the zodiac.

At this time, the moon is not visible in the sky. During the full moon, when our partner is fully illuminated, they face each other, that is, they are 180 degrees from each other.

Importance of the moon phases in daily life

People do not know the phases of the Moon and its importance in daily life. The lunar cycle forms the basic pattern of any planetary cycle in which to each celestial body something is associated, something is born, grows, reaches its fullness, perishes, and dies.

Generation corresponds to the waxing and waning cycle, so, in general, the first 14 days of the Moon’s development are called the two “clear” weeks and are suitable for the beginning of all kinds of activities on the Moon.

In those days you have to grow, nurture, develop, produce, and the second half of the lunar cycle – starting at the Full Moon, from which it will begin to decline – is called the “dark” two weeks and will be suitable for doing things where you need reducing, cutting, or ending any business.

The lunar cycle is part of the rhythm of life, but if we don’t pay attention to it, we won’t be aware of it. If we want to become aware, we have to vibrate to the rhythm, not the other way around.

Knowing these rhythms is enough to be able to start observing the life around us. But intellectual understanding is not enough: reading about dance is not the same as dancing. And dancing here means learning to move and sway according to these natural cycles and flow with the universe.

If we explain that the Sun has an astrological relationship with the nature of the individual, with the outer world, and the Moon with emotions, instinctive reactions, and with the inner world of the individual, we can say that each period begins with them.

The New Moon has certain meanings for the spiritual and emotional state of the person, making the person feel motivated, inclined, or affected by matters related to the house and the astrological signs in which these emotional states occur.


Lunation is not necessarily accompanied by major events or events of some importance but tends primarily to affect inclinations, thoughts, plans, small actions, or events related to some topics that may require more attention than others during your lunar phase.

The monthly alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun at the New or Full Moon is recognized by most cultures as a key alignment point.

We need to pay attention to the flow of our mind during these times, because as these three bodies align with instructions, so do our inner qualities.

All cycles, including the monthly cycles of the Sun and Moon, have a similar structure. We can compare this structure to the cycle of breathing: we inhale, pause, exhale, pause… Over and over again.

The lunar cycle, for example, is like the breath of the universe, and once we understand how one cycle is composed, we will understand all the others.

New Moon

In the cycle it represents the point of greatest interiority, and, on the other hand, the Full Moon is the point of greatest expansion. There is a flow, like breathing.

The movement begins at the New Moon and extends through the first and second quarter of the Moon until it reaches its greatest fullness at the time of the Full Moon.

At this point, the movement stops growing and begins to weaken or contract or go through the third and then the last quarter until it reaches the next point of the New Moon. It happens over and over again.

Therefore, it would be easy for us to deduce that the New Moon is not the best time to have a party or a gathering, as our vital rhythms are at their peak of decline.

The Full Moon, on the other hand, occurs when these rhythms are at their most expansive, a time of traditional celebration and social expansion in the moments surrounding it.

Time to strive and build

The same goes for our effort, the time to strive and build is after the New Moon and before the Full Moon, especially in the second quarter of the lunar calendar. After the Full Moon, things start to go downhill.

So any efforts we make beyond this time run the risk of being futile because we go against the natural rhythms much more strongly than we go against ourselves.

After a full moon

It is best not to push too hard. Instead, we should gather all the energy we have invested in the first two weeks so far. The third and fourth periods of the lunar cycle are not a good time to sow seeds, but a time to harvest and separate the “wheat flour”.

Traditionally, after the Full Moon is a good time to make decisions, as it is a time of receiving, not giving.

Rules for negotiating, buying, selling, or contracting

The optimal time is from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, since the Sun is high in the sky, similar to the X House, symbolizing prosperity, success and prestige, titles, and achievement of goals.

The period between the New Moon and the Full Moon promises new projects. This is the optimal time to adjust what has already begun.

The Full Moon favors sales, plans, reorganizations, corporate mergers and conferences, parties, and social gatherings.

With the New Moon, it is still early to make important decisions and negotiate. You will have to wait at least two days.

The waxing Moon is beneficial for hiring, registering companies, starting a company, opening a business and events, investing, and even opening a bank account.

The Waning Moon advocates debt recovery, closing businesses, or credit procedures.

This article has been adapted and translated by / Source: Patricia Kesselman | Moon Calendar: Tutiempo Network | El Clarin Argentina Newspaper