Moon phase calendar August 2022

Lunar phases of August 2022. During August we will have a new moon on August 27, 2022, and a full moon on August 12, 2022. We can see the Moon in the sky that every month appears, grows, and reaches its fullness.

Calendar – Moon Phases August 2022

The Moon describes daily a circle around the Earth, our planet, and, with its revolution on its axis, makes day and night possible.

The Sun illuminates us during the day and represents the masculine principle, unity, and regularity in the cycles, marking – with its passage – the seasons, while the Moon, the lady of the night, the feminine principle, symbolizes the periodic irregularity and multiplicity by its continuous changes.

Moon Calendar August 2022

This characteristic, disparate and variable, is manifested in the different lunar phases that are directly related to the biological rhythms of man: birth, growth, fullness, decline, and death.

Inside the system of planetary cycles, the shortest is the lunations, and every month of the year approximately every 29.5 days a lunation (or starting point) occurs and by the end of the year, 13 lunations will have occurred.

Most of the calendars of antiquity were based on the lunar cycle to measure time and this is the origin of the months.

The New Moon occurs at the exact instant of conjunction, when the Sun and the Moon are at the same degree, minute and second zodiac.
At that moment, the Moon is not visible in the sky. At a full Moon, when our satellite is fully illuminated, they are opposite each other, that is, exactly 180 degrees apart.

Importance in everyday life

The phases of the Moon and its importance in daily life are not well known to people. The lunar cycle is the basic model of every planetary cycle where with each celestial conjunction something is born, grows, reaches its fullness, corrupts, and dies.

The generation corresponds to the increasing cycle and the corruption to the decreasing one, that is why, in a very general way, the first 14 days in which the Moon grows are called the “clear” fortnight and are suitable to begin all types of activity in which it is necessary to make grow, to foment, to enlarge, to produce and the second half of the lunar cycle – from the full Moon, from where it will begin to decrease – is called the “dark” fortnight and it will be suitable to do things where it is necessary to diminish, reduce, cut or finish.

The lunar cycle is part of the rhythms of life but unless we are attentive, we are not aware of it. If we want to become conscious we have to vibrate with the rhythms, not the other way around.

Knowledge of these rhythms will be enough to be able to begin to observe the life around us. But an intellectual understanding is not enough: reading about dance is not the same as dancing. And dancing here means learning to move and balance with these natural cycles. To flow with the Cosmos.

If we interpret that the Sun is astrologically related to the nature of the individual, to the external world, and the Moon to the emotions, the instinctive reaction, and the inner world of the individual, we could say that each period that begins with the New Moon lunation, has certain connotations on the psychic-emotional state of the person, making him feel motivated, inclined or influenced towards matters related to the house and the astrological sign in which the lunation occurs.


The lunation should not necessarily be accompanied by significant events or events of some significance, but mostly tends to impact trends, thoughts, plans, small actions, or facts about certain matters that may require more attention than others during the period of the lunation.

The monthly alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun at the New or Full Moon is recognized by most cultures as a key articulation point. We must pay attention to our mental flow at these times because as these three bodies align at the lunations, our inner qualities align as well.

  • All cycles, including the monthly cycle of the Sun and Moon, have a similar structure.
  • We can compare that structure to the cycle of breathing: we breathe in, we pause, we breathe out, we pause … Over and over again.
  • Once we understand how any one cycle is constructed, we will understand all the other cycles.

New Moon

Represents the point of greatest interiority in the cycle, while the Full Moon represents the point of greatest expansion. There is a flow, just as with breathing.

The movement begins at the New Moon and expands through the first and second lunar quarters until it reaches the moment of its greatest fullness at the Full Moon.

At that point, the movement ceases to grow and begins to diminish or contract through the third and then the last lunar quarter until it reaches the next point of the New Moon. This happens over and over again.

Therefore, it will be easy to deduce that the New Moon is not the best time to organize a party or a meeting since our vital rhythms are at the moment of greatest interiority.

On the other hand, the Full Moon will be when those rhythms are at their most expansive, the times of partying and social expansion are traditionally at the times around it.

Time to Make an Effort and Build

The same goes for our efforts, the time to make an effort and build is after the New Moon and before the Full Moon, particularly during the second lunar quarter. After the Full Moon, things begin to decline.

So, any efforts we make beyond that time are likely to prove fruitless, as we are up against a natural rhythm that is much stronger than we are.

After the full moon

Therefore, after the full moon, the best thing to do is not to exert ourselves. Instead, we have to collect all the energy we have put in so far in the first two weeks. The third and fourth phases of the lunar cycle are not suitable times for sowing, but rather for harvesting and for separating the “chaff from the wheat”.

Traditionally, after the Full Moon is a good time to make decisions as it is a receptive time and not a time for giving.

6 simple rules for doing business, buying, selling, or signing a contract

  • The optimal hours are between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm, as the Sun is high in the sky, analogous to the X house, which represents success, prestige, honors, and achievement of goals.
  • Periods between the New Moon and the Full Moon are promising for new projects. This is the optimal period to make adjustments to what has already been initiated.
  • The Full Moon favors sales, plans, reorganization, business mergers and conferences, parties, and social gatherings.
  • With the New Moon, it is still too early to make important decisions and negotiations. We should wait at least two days.
  • The rising Moon is favorable for signing contracts, registering companies, starting partnerships, inaugurating businesses and events, making investments, and even opening a bank account, especially a savings account.
  • A Waning Moon favors the collection of debts, the conclusion of partnerships, or credit procedures.

This article has been adapted and translated by / Source: Patricia Kesselman | Moon Calendar: Tutiempo Network | El Clarin Argentina Newspaper