Karmic Debts

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Karmic issues

It is necessary to give some explanation of karmic issues. Finding the cause of a dispute in a previous life does not imply that there is no hope of resolving it in this incarnation.

Should regrets from past lives bother you at this time, consider that you have chosen this moment to make atonement.

Do not be deceived.

A karmic inheritance does not mean that you are deserving of the bad luck you have experienced. You will overcome all the difficulties you face if you learn to recognize that debt and make the necessary effort to pay it off in this lifetime.

Most Common Signs of Karmic Debt

Irrational phobias or preoccupations that have no plausible basis in recent events.

Constant guilt, extreme sensitivity to the feelings of others and postponement of one’s desires in favor of those of others are negative traits.

Unexplained sexual problems or recurrent sexual desires. Fantasies are not a problem in themselves, but if they become too real and interfere with your relationship, it may be a karmic memory.

Prejudices that, viewed through the lens of current morality, are irrational or even irrational.

Difficulties at work are caused by the inability to change techniques and work methods.

Identity problems. Uncertainty about true identity. Feeling like a fraud in all facets of life.

Fear of dying and hypochondria cannot be explained by existing experiences. A karmic neurosis may be triggered by a faint memory of dying at a different time.

A great diversity of phobias are influenced by the nature of previous deaths (fear of fire, vertigo, claustrophobia, fear of water, etc.).

Tense and mysterious interactions. In previous lives, many significant ties have established this life. These karmic relationships often involve close relatives, friends, lovers, coworkers, etc. Most likely each of them has an issue in the past that needs to be resolved.

These connections are bidirectional. They are agreements with clearly stated goals in which two people can participate simultaneously.

Making amends for the past

Chakras can be opened and cleansed as a method of releasing karma. Past life regression is one technique, along with psychotherapy and other approaches.

However, the very act of recognizing the problems and the resulting change in attitude is a key first step in weakening and eventually dissolving karma.

Develop a sense of humor, warmth and compassion for those who approach us. Never physically or verbally harm children; on the contrary, see them as true instruments of God.

To share what one has, however little or however much, with the knowledge that the Law of Providence will never allow anything to be lacking.

Recognize that the individuals who hurt, offend or mistreat you were put in your path to accelerate the payment of your karmic debts and extend forgiveness to them.

You should treat yourself with respect, take care of your physical appearance and seek out uplifting friends and diversions.

Instead of avoiding any inconvenience, try to face it head-on while maintaining the highest level of humility and confidence in your ability to find a solution.

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