How to Find Male Identity?

How to Find Male Identity?,

The absence of fathers: The impact on male identity and the role of mothers in childrearing

Women who are single mothers, widows, or abandoned by their partners often find themselves taking on the dual roles of a parent and a partner. Meanwhile men in such situations may struggle to find meaning in their lives and to establish the necessary stability that would enable them to be considered suitable for love and respect from someone else.

Van der Koon affirms that mothers do not possess the capacity to comprehend male behavior such as a sense of humor, boldness and bravery.

Likewise, he highlights that if a man needs to discover his true essence as a male he should go to his father or seek professional help.

Acknowledging and valuing the contributions of others to our lives and treating them with respect can be challenging for many of us. Sometimes, we doubt their capacity to provide us with protection and attempt to manipulate them into behaving in ways that do not align with their authentic selves.

Tribute to Men: Recognizing their strength and sacrifice in today’s society

At social gatherings the aptitude of men to handle pain, their usefulness at home and their ability to survive without help are often questioned. These statements often made without any consideration, can generate controversy among those present.

We exploit the sexuality and body parts of others as a way of keeping ourselves above them. We use any means at our disposal to achieve this thus exposing others to vulnerable and disadvantageous situations.

Our parents and grandparents, brothers and uncles are a source of strength, love and compassion. They have gone through difficult situations to ensure we have a better future.

These men have sacrificed their well-being and security for that of their families, fighting wars, immigrating with broken hearts and working vigorously to provide their children with resources they did not have. They are our roots; the foundations on which we build our present.

Men face a heroic burden to bear. They have been left by their wives and children, suffer betrayal and loss; when called upon, they sacrifice their own well-being for the benefit of others. They are prepared to give their lives for their country or for a cause that they believe will improve the future of those left behind.

Reassessing Masculinity: The importance of acknowledging and respecting the strength and purpose of men

Women recognize the contribution of the masculine in their lives humbly accepting their place. They allow themselves to be cared for and protected by them respecting masculinity as a mystery that they judge and question without fear.

By taking a step back women marvel at what men achieve and generate for themselves and their families.

At a time when masculinity is being redefined and reassessed men are becoming aware that it is time to go back to their roots and discover their purpose. Male mentors play a key role in offering direction and understanding as they face this process.

Men and women who demonstrate an unwavering strength in their masculinity will draw others who wish to observe life as it is presented through their actions. As the path extends I am determined to respect and understand others.

I feel honored to have the opportunity to share my life with them continually learning from our differences and embracing our identities. I am motivated by the mere glimpse of what could be.

Exploring the value of the masculine side in our daily lives

Daily I meet people facing difficulties due to a lack of clarity about what it means to be masculine and its value for the well-being of all.

These difficulties arise from their professional practice, school, romantic relationships or work. Men are a mystery that symbolizes strength, protection and wisdom.

We invite everyone to look at the male side starting within their homes remembering and recognizing those men who have marked their lives with an invaluable contribution to their growth and evolution.

With the daily practice of taking care of ourselves, life can change drastically. From experiencing more energy to seeing projects as more achievable; from learning more easily to finding harmonious relationships for men and women; from the success of men’s life projects to the love that is generated between a man and a woman through care and protection, all this is within our reach with this daily practice.

Based on information from Dr. Mónica Giraldo, Family and Organizational Constellation Specialist.

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