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13 Holy Nights

Las 13 Noches Santas / The 13 Holy Nights

Just before going to bed on December 25, we can imagine what we want January of the following year to be like and associate it with a Capricorn-related trait. The 13th (January 6) is Epiphany, which celebrates the synthesis of everything.

Lunar nodes astrology meaning

Nodos Lunares / Lunar Nodes

It is good to know a little more about the influence of the Nodes in our lives.  Within the diverse information that an astrological chart provides to the individual, there is a point of great transcendence such as the life mission…

Sun in Sagittarius

Sol en Sagitario / Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign, so they are impulsive. But its nature is mutable, which means it is flexible and variable. This sign is enthusiastic and acts on impulse, but it also needs external motivation because its interests or enthusiasm can change throughout the day.

Salt and witchcraft

La sal y la brujería / Salt and witchcraft

The evil eye spell, to which various illnesses are attributed in both children and adults, is the most feared. The most effective way to repel it is by pouring grains of wheat, charcoal and salt while reciting a spell.

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