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Mercury Retrograde Medal

Medalla de Mercurio Retrógrado / Mercury Retrograde Medal

Mercury creates a six-pointed arc or semicircle during its retrograde phases, which astrologically causes communication problems. The Mercury Retrograde Medal, commonly known as the 12-pointed Star, should be worn upon completion of the star’s translation circuit.

Moles on the palm of the hand

Lunares en la palma de la mano / Moles on the palm of the hand

According to palmistry, a practice that predicts the future by analyzing the lines and features of the hands, moles on the palm have meaning and, depending on where they have developed, can reveal information about a person’s personality and future.

Fashion and Astrology

Moda y Astrología / Fashion and Astrology

The fashion of people born under the same sign can be similar or, at least, be influenced by the people around them who share a sign. Fashion trends influenced by the zodiac tend to take off quickly, as people feel more connected to their astrological identity through clothing and accessories.

13 Holy Nights

Las 13 Noches Santas / The 13 Holy Nights

Just before going to bed on December 25, we can imagine what we want January of the following year to be like and associate it with a Capricorn-related trait. The 13th (January 6) is Epiphany, which celebrates the synthesis of everything.

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