Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman

Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman,

All of this happens at its own pace. Currently, we may have some motivating factors that force us to consider that the path we are on may not be the right one given the circumstances.

However, if that’s what you need to move the energy of your life, that’s what you’ll get to help you move.

Although Jupiter in Pisces occurs every 12 months or Jupiter cycles, it’s an interesting aspect that we’ve had all year. However, what is uniquely unique about this cycle is that Jupiter met Neptune in Pisces for the first time since 1851.

As of December 22, Jupiter will be in the last degrees of Pisces, which is also the last degree of the zodiac.

Do you think we will see any spiritual awakening and more 5D integration during this time? Definitely and I observe what is happening in the world. Normally, the spiritual integration process is the most challenging and unspiritual one that happens when people just get tired of 3D density and want something different.

The process of spiritual integration is usually the most challenging and unspiritual process that occurs when people just get tired of 3D density and want something different.

Sometimes, what we are seeing now, is that they are so shocked by the disturbing nature and aspects of 3D density that they flee elsewhere.

December’s full moon

It’s on the 8th, right over Uranus in Taurus, so we end the year with another strong “surprise a minute” Uranus aspect, which is how we started this year. Uranus shakes things up but doesn’t tear things down as Pluto does.

Uranus reveals uncomfortable truths and facts and illuminates them with so much light that there is no going back to the “blissful” ignorance of the past. Because Uranus is a 5D planet, it rules Aquarius, the sign of the 5D community.

More revelations are expected at that time and more awakenings. It has been two years of much Saturn and Uranus activity and this has revealed quite a lot, do you agree?

New Moon in Capricorn

So, we have a new moon in the 1st degree of Capricorn on the 23rd, which is another cycle of 2022 that is completed because we had Mercury in the last degree of Capricorn on January 1st. Mercury energy, the energy of karma, communications, siblings and short journeys, has been very active all year.

In February 2004, since I started writing and channeling, I have always said that this is the lifetime in which we decide to end our karmic cycles and we are receiving strong support for it. Use it wisely and well.

As a long-time student of astrology, I have also said that Mercury, the smallest planet and seemingly insignificant ruler of Gemini and Virgo (although I think Chiron is a more appropriate ruler of Virgo) is given too little importance.

Is Mercury important, is your life often disrupted when Mercury goes retrograde 3 or 4 times a year?

The vacations this month are a time when we celebrate with gifts, family and friends, or not. In some cases, painful endings from the past 3 years will be evident. Regardless of whether they were painful goodbyes or blessed and relieved endings, it’s never easy to lose lasting or loving connections.

If you stay the course, 2023 will create opportunities for your energetic family and community. You will feel happy again and feel connected, loved and supported.

Solstice December 21

With the arrival of the solstice, on December 21, winter begins in the northern hemisphere, a time of retreat, hibernation and interiorization (since it is too cold to go out). But in our new multidimensional reality that inner work does not happen in isolation, we must be on the move.

As in early 2022, there is a powerful Capricorn presence, but the hard, selfish, self-serving Capricorn energy is being illuminated by the presence of its ruler, Saturn, in Aquarius, the 5D sign.

Finally, the last day of 2022 looks interesting, with the last exact degree of Pluto’s return to the United States on December 31, with a lovely conjunction with Venus, mirroring exactly that of January 1, 2022.

We find Mercury entering its retrograde and Mars approaching the final degree of its retrograde.

You could say that the year ends as it began, but that wouldn’t be quite right. Even though we have similar aspects, we are definitely in a very different place energetically than we were on January 1 and, in fact, more than we have been for the past 3 years.

I believe we are in a much better place, much more aligned, aware and awake and that includes everyone, not just those who are doing the light and energy work on behalf of humanity.

It will be a big theme for 2023

To be more considerate of our joy, our energetic limits, our own needs and the path we want our lives to take.

We will perceive more energetic voids as the people in our lives follow their energetic paths and we learn the truth about who is aligned with us, without our energetic support and who is not.

Indeed we have much support for this ascension cycle and its continued expansion, as we continue to break the 3D paradigms of domination, control, power over, competition and disconnection from spirit, we have the energy to fill those voids waiting in the wings.

What happened in the last 3 years was a wake-up call to humanity and it certainly woke up a lot of people. Come December, we can tie up loose ends, make plans for 2023 and start considering other options.

Is it time for a move, a new job or career, a new relationship, to reboot your joy, to let go of old timelines, regrets, grief, guilt, shame and anger and start living in the present, without the constant glaring presence of the past?

We must make big decisions this month and maintain our awareness that this is the closing cycle of 2022 and the energy since 2020. What a wild ride it has been.

This month, even with all its energetic movements and ups and downs, the 5D energy we long to connect to, the movement out of density and the peace of heart and mind we want to have, all is possible for us.

Ascension is the mission and our lives are constantly in fulfillment of that mission, even if it seems like we are not doing it right or not doing it at all.

So don’t think that you have so much to do, that you have to do it all this month. Now do what you can and let the rest go. Pay attention to the timelines that are unfolding, because they hold the keys to the closing of this part of your ascension cycle.

If you are tired of that, there is a new paradigm: 5D is a “bring your paradigm,” while 3D is the fully karmic reality in which you incarnate. If you’ve had enough of that, there is a solution, but you can’t take your energetic and emotional bag with you.

When you receive clues and hints in December about what you need to release, the changes you need to make and the paths that have run out of energy, pay attention to them. They are giving you the information you need to bring your new potential to light. Have a wonderful month.

With information from Jennifer Hoffman

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