Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman

brillar su luz

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces

Since the Harmonic Concordance of August 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence of November 2003, one of the most spiritual aspects I have witnessed in decades occurs in September, which is why I refer to this month as a spiritual pilgrimage.

The four signs of spiritual learning—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces—represent the four phases of spiritual initiation—birth, the trial, the lesson, and the enlightenment.

Mars is in Gemini, Jupiter is in Aries, bringing in the Sagittarius energy, and Neptune is in Pisces with Jupiter. Mercury and Venus will be in Virgo this month, and the Venus placement in Virgo after the sixth gives a unique blessing to that energy. What a blessing.

When you think of the fool card in tarot, Gemini is where the karmic trip begins. From there, we move to Virgo, where we suffer and choose how we will learn the lesson.

Then we move on to Sagittarius’ deeper comprehension and study, and lastly to Pisces, where we reach enlightenment. And all of that takes place this month, supporting our spiritual initiation process.

Is it going to be simple and how does this happen? Everyone is curious about how simple it will be, how long it will take, and how much agony or privation we will endure. That is why I bring up the subject.

  • How are we expected to have time to shine, much less glow, and create our energy empire with all of this activity going on?
  • What should we do about the connections and relationships that are deteriorating?
  • How do we strike a balance between our continual light and energy activity and illuminating ourselves?

Keep in mind that there is a lot of support for changing the status quo, and it is happening on many levels.

Reach into the darkest corners of your heart and retrieve those old dreams and visions you tucked away because it was never the right time, you had too many responsibilities and commitments, you were too exhausted, or you were afraid. Let your soul be your guide. Listen to your angels and spirit guides.

I also think that many of you are teaching at a level that is more relevant to people now than it would have been 20 years ago. For instance, Sylvia Browne was a useful resource for those who were just starting to study spirituality even if I never liked her and never followed her.

Since many of the so-called “spiritual teachers” work for large publishing companies, I have never cared much for or trusted them. Now that I have seen Doreen Virtue’s sudden, puzzling turnaround, I know I was wrong.

You are aware that you have more to offer than these individuals, but for the world to comprehend and align with a higher level of teaching, these individuals must also have been awakened by others.

When the world has had enough of these individuals, they will seek you out (that is, if you are visible and openly being the guide, mentor, teacher, and channel that you are). And I’m not only focusing on the spiritual information sector; this is a problem in every industry, including publishing, marketing, coaching, business training, and coaching.

It’s time for a new beginning and a significant adjustment to get rid of the teachers who aren’t sincere, moral, and useful and replace them with individuals who can function at the 5D level.

The lunar activity in September is very fascinating

Watch the fireworks with the full moon that falls directly on the node and Uranus on the 10th. Additionally, the full moon on December 25th occurs on the day Mercury retrogrades into Virgo and coincides with a powerful Mars/Saturn trine (didn’t expect that one).

Venus is also nearby in Libra. Therefore, there is a lot of activity there as well.

Since we have all expended so much energy worked so hard, made so many sacrifices, and been so patient, I can honestly say that we are all exhausted and ready for something else.

Expect to see more relationships and connections dissolve as we are no longer able to support, hold energy for, or stand up for those who are moving further away from the light. This is because the energy gaps between those who are seeking the light and those who choose the dark are growing wider as well.

They decided for the time being, and they must bear the repercussions of that decision just as much as we must respect that decision and go on. Where we do not want to be planted, we cannot set down roots.

Furthermore, we cannot demand that others accept energy vibrations and frequencies that they find uncomfortable or impossible to sustain.

A lot is happening this month, and something new happens every day. Both in the environment around you and in your own life, you’ll see it. Instead of concentrating on what you believe to be wrong with the world, try to just shine your light.

You are unaware of the value of your light to the group. Do you recall the vintage Christmas lights that would stop working if just one bulb was burned out? After the burned-out bulb, all the others remained dark. If you don’t shine, who is losing out on the benefits of your light and energy?

Will you follow the call of the spiritual path and make the journey? And you may blame the heavy energy downloads we are receiving to get ready for this month if you were particularly exhausted the first few days of September, like I was, which is why the September energy report was published late.

Another noteworthy date is September 11, which this year marks the 21st anniversary. On that dreadful day, the world witnessed an act of global tyranny that threw a shadow over the planet, and it is now time to raise that shadow. It’s time to shine since September has here. Enjoy the rest of the month.

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