Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman

Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman,

The time has come to take a step forward and a step back (in that order) because we have things to do besides the work of healing, releasing limitations and worrying about whether the world is descending into more aspects of darkness, chaos and pure madness.

Moving forward without also raising our energetic vibration and frequency is just taking us around the same wheel of karma.

It is a fixed energy that has the choice to integrate light or not. Otherwise, we have no more work to do there. There will still be small scattered pockets of dark energy, but they will be very few and limited to a very small group of people.

The more light we expand, the more darkness is revealed, remember that because we are seeing it happen everywhere. Don’t you think? Right now what multi-billion dollar fashion house is seeing its empire explode after publishing very inappropriate photos of children? How fast did that happen?

Ascension happens first in the spirit and then descends into our reality. If you compare the density of 3D to the light of 5D, it is so perverted, bizarre and unbalanced that it makes people head for the 4D bridge.

Maybe they don’t know what they want, but they certainly don’t want that. The fruits of our efforts are coming and we need to hold the line and keep the light, but no longer at the expense of our joy.

I would love to have a dollar for every time I have sacrificed my joy, my peace of mind and heart, my success and my dreams, for others.

I made some of those sacrifices because it was the right thing to do, but others I made because I thought that was what I had to do, that it was my duty and that I had to make others happy.

I wish I could turn back the clock…

Have you ever thought about it? Well, now is not the time because we can’t change the past, but we can do things differently today and turn the timelines of the past into Pearls of Wisdom, Pearls of Courage and Pearls of Wealth.

If you are in the Pearl Method Timeline Transformation program, that is exactly what we are doing.

December is the last exact aspect of Pluto’s return to the United States on December 31. One more close aspect we will have in mid-October 2023. We won’t have to deal with that anymore, just clean up the aftermath – and what an aftermath it is!

So don’t focus on the changes you think should have already been made, look at it through the lens of awakening. Who has awakened, how many people have awakened and are awakening and how much light is being integrated into 3D?

Always keep in mind that whatever density we are aware of has been part of the 3D paradigm for eons. Now, thanks to the ever-increasing and expanding presence of light and the higher frequencies and vibrations of the ascension cycle, we are seeing so much being exposed.

It is part of the 3D density base and as we ascend and integrate more 5D we move away from this dark base and without its shield of darkness, it is revealed for all to see.

Watch, some of the things coming this month and early 2023 are going to be truly incredibly disgusting and wicked. You will be shocked, we all will, but don’t be discouraged. Every single thing that is not capable of integrating light and 5D will be exposed and rejected by the majority.

Notice how subtle things are being done to disguise dark agendas? Watch them reveal themselves and just a hint, avoid using certain designer brands.

What’s going on?

I first wrote about it in the November 2016 Energy Report, about how the difference between 3D and 5D can be defined by the difference between the profane and the divine. For me, the opposite of divinity is not evil (which is the word ‘living’ backward), it is profane, which is the absence of divinity.

A profane world is not one filled with four-letter words; it has no room for the divine; therefore, it will always feel incomplete because divinity makes us whole, complete and congruent in our energy and brings us closer to being in congruence collectively.

The denser energies of 3D represent profanity.

When fully integrated and embodied, the 5D frequency is the expression of our divinity, but not in its spiritual state. This is divinity fully embodied and expressed, the perfect synergy of the spiritual and the material, the human and the divine.

This is not about spiritual perfection or being holy or good, but about the balance of the spiritual and the material, the fully integrated person living his or her life with the self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem, clarity and congruence that express the balance of divinity and humanity.

World events have suddenly shown us what a “profane” world looks like and this has pushed many people in the opposite direction, seeking the wisdom and empowerment of divinity.

It is as if the 4D bridge they have tried so hard to avoid has suddenly become the obvious choice.

Whenever we remember that the light is always there and the darkness always gives way to it, every dark potential has a luminous purpose. This month, if the events of this year have revealed the unholy to you, intentionally choose to integrate the power of divinity into your life.

Now is the month to do it, if you think it’s right

Just don’t do it because you are trying to finish ascending or get to the end faster. There is no “end” to ascension and there is no way to speed up the process. It is about expanding our energy, raising our frequency and vibration and doing the work of alignment and integration…

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