Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman

Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman,

With a few days’ delay, I am publishing the December Energy Report, but not by chance. It was already ready for the first of December, but I also received the message to wait a few days because there would be more to add. I did it because I have learned to follow my guide.

Jennifer Hoffman Astrology Monthly Report — December 2022

Later on December 2, we had a rare and beautiful aspect between the moon at 1° Aries and Jupiter at 29° Pisces, something I have called an Alpha/Omega portal. I generally talk about this when there are two new moons in the same sign, the first at 1 and the second at 29 degrees.

This time we have a much grander aspect between the moon, ruler of our emotions and Jupiter, ruler of higher thought, spirituality as an intentional path, which has only occurred 9 times since year 1 (I checked).

More recently this aspect occurred in January 1845, July 1913 and September 2010. September 2010 one is the one we can all relate to because it happened during our lifetime.

It was a crazy time as the Internet was becoming mainstream, social media was taking off and everyone was selling the best way to do online marketing (usually with a lot of hype and little substance).

As of December 2, we saw evidence of serious crime using social media platforms and clear evidence of the illegal use of social platforms to target people.

The Alpha/Omega phase is a full circle

A moment of action and consequence that becomes 360°. Its intensity has been quite revealing and is a milestone on our ascension path, a complete revelation of darkness by light. It has also created many awakenings.

All of this is going to continue until 2023, so it is not an isolated incident. The dominoes have begun to fall.

It’s over in 2022 and I’m probably not the only person reading this with a sigh of relief. It’s been a tough year and it’s just one more in the last 2 challenging years.

Since 2020 we have been bombarded with Astro energy and hard aspects, which have historically always heralded huge changes in humanity, society and the world when they happened.

We face Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, Saturn/Uranus square, Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces and the return of Pluto in the US and globally. Then, in January 2022, we begin Ascension 2.0, a new ascension cycle.

All this is a lot and these are just some of the big ones, there were many more. That’s too many things happening in a very short period.

The battle is worn out and tired and we need a break

That will come to us in December, along with a call to action that has more to do with inspiration than perspiration, with expanding the wonderful rather than with more worry and work and with transforming trauma into triumph.

Some astrologers and people who make predictions about December say to sit back, wait and ponder. None of that and I don’t agree.

One can do that if one wants, but I am going to use the magnificent, creative and inspiring energy of December to close some doors and open new portals.

I researched the tarot card and the 7 of the major arcana is the chariot, hardly a vehicle to sit and wait. As soon as I think of chariots, the movie Ben Hur and the chariot race comes to mind, one of the most exciting action scenes in movie history.

Now I have some joyful energy to bring into my life and clean up the dust from these past few years. I want a fresh start and a new vibe, don’t you?

December Numerology

In numerology, December 2022 is month 7, which is the number of the spiritual initiate. Since I first mentioned it in the September Energy Report, we have seen this theme.

We are on a journey of spiritual initiation, that is, an initiation from our 3D humanity into our 5D integrated divinity.

This is different from the one we have in 3D. In 3D we need to seek and integrate our spiritual energy because we have been denying or ignoring it and are separated from it.

In 3D this integration of light is a process that begins with creating a space for the light to enter. That is what we focus on, as we begin our journey of initiation, clearing the energetic baggage to find space for the light.

When we are in 5D we have to expand this energy because we have done the integration and alignment work and now we need to get things moving. We begin to embody the light when we begin to work on multidimensional levels when we begin to cross the 4D bridge.

Initiating into 5D is a process of expanding energy and light, rather than focusing solely on integration. We are working on a very different level now.

Awaken, Arise, Ascend

For December the mantra is Awake, Arise, Ascend and you may think that you have already awakened to 5D and higher frequencies, that you are aligned with them and that you have ascended and are not ascending.

This is true, but it’s not a one-time process. It happens to us every time we have to make a decision or take an action.

Being aware of our energetic path and making choices based on energetic alignment may now be more important considerations in our choices because we have access to the energy to make them happen. For a time (between 2003 and 2012) we had the motivation but not the energy.

Later we had the energy but not the motivation (2013 to 2019), then we had neither the energy nor the motivation nor the opportunity (2020 to 2022) and now we have it all, energy, motivation, potential, opportunity and possibility…

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