Special gifts according to date of birth

don mágico según la fecha de tu nacimiento / special gifts according to date of birth

What happens when we are born? When a soul arrives in this world, the planets align in a unique and precise way to endow this new life with extraordinary gifts and qualities, something very similar to the well-known tale of Sleeping Beauty…

Archangel Michael

Miguel Arcangel / Archangel Michael

The archangel Michael is the commander of the heavenly armies. It was he who expelled Satan and his rebellious angels and who will fight with the Dragon mentioned in the Apocalypse. His main function is to protect us from demonic forces and evil spirits, and among the gifts, we can ask him for are courage and willpower.

Archangel Gabriel Force of God

Arcangel Gabriel / Archangel Gabriel

The archangel Gabriel is identified with the media because of his role as a messenger in the scriptures. He inspires human beings in communications of all kinds, such as through television, the Internet, and cinema. Although human beings retain their free will in deciding what to communicate and how they will…

Parsley for luck

Perejil para la Suerte / parsley for luck

As popular an herb as parsley is, it has originated several positive and negative superstitions, as it is considered a symbol of death, but also resurrection. For witches, the most famous magical use of parsley is as an herbal amulet for protection against bad luck, negative influences, enemies, and black magic.

Shabbat definition judaism

Shabat Significado / shabbat definition judaism

When the laws are learned profoundly and applied within a Jewish lifestyle, Halachah becomes not a restriction but a direction. And when coupled with the beauty of remembering, this pairing opens up a limitless world, a world of infinite depth and opportunity.