Biodescodification Trigeminal Neuralgia

Biodescodification Trigeminal Neuralgia,

Trigeminal Neuralgia is about feeling embarrassed. Symbolically, it would be like “my face is falling with shame” and obviously when perceived on the skin, it will be related to separation conflict.

Biodescodification Trigeminal Neuralgia – Emotional Conflicts

In ordinary life, it can be said that the simple fact of “not seeing anyone face to face” already implies separation: my face is separated from another face. This is how the subconscious perceives it. And we can see it from the opposite side:

“They saw my face” (they used me). Some made fun of me, some didn’t take me seriously, some ignored me and all the variations you can imagine.

For example, a woman who was recently widowed, if she never sees that face (her husband) again, she may have trigeminal neuralgia, but that person didn’t listen to her, gave her space, disrespected her and so on. Or maybe there is a son who did not see his father, but never listened to him, ignored him, did not wish him ill, etc.

Meanwhile, the affective conflict is active, that is to say, while he/she is aware of this separation. As long as I am suffering from this shame, with this kind of relationship with this person who is no longer with me, my skin is a little dry, the sensitivity of my face is reduced and the possible sensation of sex is reduced.

Sleepy skin

Why does it feel like my skin is numb?

Because it is my body’s way of “not feeling the separation” and it hurts less. Once I have come to terms with what happened, once I have resolved the situation and it no longer affects me so much, I enter the resolution phase and that is when the pain begins.

But the therapeutic crisis is very painful and unbearable and although I already feel sensitive, this stage is difficult.

Pain and numbness

But what if I have pain and numbness for months and it doesn’t go away?

You just don’t understand what happened. You still can’t get over the shame, you still can’t get over the fact that the person you broke up with saw your face and lied to you.

And let’s not go that far, many mothers whose children go only on the exchange have trigeminal neuralgia simply because they chose to live in another city or country.

Here I argue a lot with my son, but “I’m NOT GIVING IT TO HIM ANYMORE”. It’s not always death, let’s get this straight. It can be a painful breakup with an ex-partner whom I did not love or the death of a child or grandchild who never visited me.

A breakup of two people

In short, this is a breakup of two people who did not have an EXCEPTIONAL, FRIENDLY RELATIONSHIP at all (and part of the solution is to objectively accept that it was not a 100% positive or loving relationship).

The only problem with continuing to think about what happened is that I remember it every day or often enough to allow myself to put the conflict into a PENDING decision.

This is why some people can suffer from trigeminal for years because they still haven’t closed this loop, this face-to-face separation. It is almost always a couple of relationships or a mother-child relationship.

Severe separations

Could a more severe breakup that causes unbearable pain to be the cause?

Of course!

The separation was violent and brutal, even when they slapped and third parties appeared on the scene (Face separation, embarrassment).

Those situations where spouses scream or husband and wife turn away and never return (I could not see them face to face) can certainly lead to trigeminal neuralgia. The neighbors heard the screaming (how embarrassing).

Another scandal that can cause trigeminal neuralgia with a lot of pain, is being embarrassed by someone who doesn’t face me and I feel isolated or separated from my ‘reputation’.

Conventional painkillers are usually not able to reduce the pain enough, the best way to resolve the conflict is to analyze it emotionally, looking for separations, moments of shame, situations where you no longer see anyone, face and so on.

Trigeminal neuralgia is not a physical disease

It is not a physical disease, trigeminal neuralgia is emotional. We are the ones who keep it alive when we don’t deal with what happened or gain when we don’t recognize it.

Additional symptoms can be cold feet, pain during the day compared to the night, numbness, etc.

Looking for my devaluation

One important thing, if I have or suffer from trigeminal neuralgia, I must first look for my devaluation in it.

First, it was the separation, the shame, the death, I didn’t see the face of someone who saw my face. But it’s a completely different thing in that I didn’t value myself enough, that I allowed that person to abuse me, I allowed that person not to look me in the face.

Suddenly there is a conflict that I feel through my devaluation. How to go through life demanding love, respect and the company of someone who barely gave me crumbs.

What do I need to resolve?

Accept your fears and failures, change your view of “what others are doing to you” and recognize that your beliefs caused it.

(He must love me and stay), my expectations (he is the love of my life, I have done so much for him, for her, he must be grateful) heal my habits (he or she can’t, can) can’t live without me.

This article has been adapted and translated by / By Akasha Integral Healing

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