Astrological Calendar 2023

Astrological Calendar 2023,

The impact of Mars retrograde phase in Gemini, how does it affect and what to expect?

On October 30, 2022, Mars began its retrograde phase in Gemini which has triggered changes in communication and digital media. Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – have felt the need to adjust their communication style to avoid frustrations.

This transit can lead to acting impulsively and communicating undiplomatically which can compromise the message. The influence of Saturn in Aquarius in a trine with Mars in Gemini, has especially impacted business communication, making it a bargaining chip.

As Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn simultaneously to Mars, politics, business and structure may be affected. But all is not lost; once Mars turns direct on January 13 expect improvements in communication skills, both personally and globally.

Jupiter enters Taurus: Find out how to take advantage of your financial and sensory good fortune in 2023

The wait is over! Jupiter, the great planet, will finally enter Taurus and is said to bring with it financial and sensory good fortune for those who are ready to take advantage of it. After staying in the final degrees of Aries for the first few months, it will finally arrive in Taurus on May 16.

But do not get too excited too soon. Jupiter will retrograde in Aries from September 4 to December 30 which means you’ll need to exercise extreme caution in matters of money and love.

The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will have the opportunity to look ahead and see what the future holds for them in 2024.

After a time when the nodes were active, it is time for Taurus natives of the Sun or Ascendant to enjoy the good news that Jupiter brings! It will be crucial to pay attention to detrimental excesses at this time in order to spread your wings and grow in terms of material and economic stability.

With Jupiter in Taurus, you could also experience changes in your financial situation, changes in the food industry, fluctuations in the stock market and new ideas on how to manage your personal finances.

Keep in mind that Jupiter will be in retrograde phase from September 4 to December 30 which can affect your plans and goals. But instead of getting frustrated, take this opportunity to reflect on the direction of your life and consider new approaches – Jupiter is here to help you achieve the financial and emotional success you deserve!

Saturn enters Pisces: a transit that promotes healing and compassion in 2023

Attention! Saturn enters Pisces on March 7 and will remain there until February 13 2026, marking one of the most significant transits of 2023. It will also experience a retrograde phase from June 17 to November 4, 2023.

This is the perfect time for reflection and healing. Some may find it difficult to commit to a particular relationship or situation. But not to worry this energy exhorts you to remember your beginnings and think about the future – it’s time to make your dreams come true!

The mutable signs Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius will feel this energy strongly as Saturn is here to teach us what it means to be compassionate.

Be prepared to feel more in touch with your emotional side and support the emotional well-being of others. Showing empathy and concern for others will be key in this period.

This transit is especially significant for therapists and coaches who dedicate their lives to caring for the emotional health of others. Always remember that self-care is fundamental to being able to accompany and help others.

Pluto is on the move! The lord of death arrives in Aquarius after 13 years in Capricorn: are you ready for the transformation?

Attention, attention: the most feared planet of the zodiac is on the move! Pluto known as the lord of death is finally leaving Capricorn after 13 years and entering revolutionary Aquarius on March 23.

This is an exciting transit as Pluto has been transforming the cardinal signs for years, and now it is the turn of Aquarius to be shaken and awakened. If you are a native Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio, get ready to feel the effects of this powerful planet.

Pluto is the generational planet par excellence which means that its influence can affect an entire generation. During its transit through Capricorn we saw hierarchies and financial institutions transformed and now is the time to let go of outdated structures and welcome change.

You may find this transit challenging, dear Aquarius but fear not. Pluto is here to guide you through a profound transformation and free you from old ways of thinking and doing things. And when Pluto returns to Capricorn during its retrograde period in June, you’ll have the opportunity to process the changes at your own pace.

So get ready for a rebirth, a change, and a chance to embrace the changes ahead. Pluto may be feared, but it is also a powerful agent of transformation.

Chiron 2023 – Get ready for change: Astrology for the year 2023 and beyond

The collective wound asteroid continues in Aries as the astrological year comes to an end on December 21, 2023. At that time there will be a lunar conjunction in Aries and the North Node, which will be closer to Chiron than ever.

Meanwhile, the Sun will enter Capricorn creating a symbiotic figure in the sky that includes a trine with Jupiter and centers Saturn. This year you will have the opportunity to overcome your wounds, redefine your goals and priorities, and move forward with courage and boldness.

Declaring your independence, developing a critical mindset and working together to improve reality are important themes for this year. Although it will not be stable, difficulties can lead to pleasant surprises and will challenge you to grow and dedicate yourself fully to your goals.

Collective consciousness will play a valuable role in the next 12 months and as a society, we can anticipate a significant awakening that will inspire positive and necessary changes. Are you ready to face these challenges with vigor and determination?

Astrology predicts that the year 2023 will be the beginning of extremely significant changes for humanity. These changes are already in the making and are likely to intensify and consolidate in 2025. Get ready for an exciting and change-filled future.

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