Archangel Gabriel Force of God

Archangel Gabriel Force of God,

The Archangel Gabriel, patron saint of the media

The archangel Gabriel is identified with the media because of his role as a messenger in the scriptures. He inspires human beings in communications of all kinds, such as through television, the Internet and cinema.

Although human beings retain their free will in deciding what to communicate and how Archangel Gabriel guides them in honest communication and responsibility to their fellow human beings.

Archangel Gabriel, patron saint of birthing rooms

Because of his role as messenger of the birth of the Son of God to the Virgin Mary, the archangel Gabriel is associated with newborns and children.

His task is to instruct souls during gestation so that they can accept their bodies as the instrument that will help them carry out their role on Earth. He also instructs them not to forget that, above all, they are souls and that this is their true essence.

Archangel Gabriel’s greatest lesson to souls coming into the world

Is to remind them that they will create their destiny through their thoughts. At the moment of birth, he accompanies the mothers in the delivery room to help the guardian angels receive the new souls and initiate them in their first moments in the world. Representative of purity in all its expressions.

The Archangel Gabriel represents above all purity

He guides pure emotions and feelings that lead human beings to goodness and divine love. He intercedes and advocates that human beings can maintain or recover the innocence, purity and joy they had during their childhood.

The spiritual help that Gabriel can give to human beings lies mainly in the power he has to lead them towards a path of purification in which pure feelings and emotions grow more and more in the company of higher thoughts, thus directing the individual soul towards the goodness and love of the Creator.

So that, as we walk along this path, vices, hatred, worldly habits and all these kinds of things are left behind, no longer by a process of repression but by a process in which spiritual inspiration has progressively caused the tendencies of light to replace the tendencies of darkness.

All in the form of energetic alchemy of spiritual ascension in which the work of the archangel Gabriel has followed a dynamic intrinsically associated with increasing (recovering in the cases in which it has been lost) the innocence, purity and joy of those first years of life.

At the hour of death, when the soul leaves behind its shell on Earth and returns to its original state, St. Gabriel is also there to show it the way. From the beginning to the end, the Archangel of Purity guides human beings toward the love of God.

The Archangel Gabriel in the Bible and a multitude of religious texts

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The vision of Ezra, verse 56
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(Nag Hammadi Manuscripts) Zostrians 57:9; 58:22

The Archangel Gabriel in Judaism

The Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament, mentions the archangel Gabriel in the Book of Daniel, where he explains his visions to him (Dan. viii. 16-26, ix. 21-27).

According to Jewish literature, the three angels who appeared to Abraham (Gen. xviii.) were Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. In Jewish tradition, Gabriel is said to be in charge of the heavenly treasury.

In the Book of Enoch, this archangel is presented as one of the four spirits on the four sides of the throne of God, Michael being on the right and Gabriel on the left of God, who is in the center.

Another thing that illustrates his importance is that, among the three angels who appeared to Abraham, Gabriel was presented as the second most important, since Michael was in the center, Raphael on Michael’s left and he on his right.

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