Appendix and Appendicitis Biodecodification

Appendix and Appendicitis Biodecodification,

The appendage belongs to the first embryonic stage, survival. Our attachment problems are related to the struggle for existence.

Appendix and Appendicitis according to Biodescodification – Emotional Conflicts

Two conflicts can occur…

Material conflict

The attachment is a storehouse, a reserve… it is a pocket, a reserve of money. We can add the word “recognition”. The problem of appendicitis in a child is money in the pocket or daily needs such as buying sweets, pastries, weekly salary…


A child had an appendicitis attack, three days before and his parents at home commented that they had to pay for an excursion for the child and it was bad for them to do so. They had no money for it and it was better to save. The child got angry.

Indigestible “dirt” conflict


The child witnesses a terrible scene of violence between his parents, or something they have done to him, that bothers him and he cannot empty. It is like a dead end, a trick, (to have it out on someone).


The appendicitis was related to anger because he felt he was at a “dead end”. There is fear of life. Positive energy is blocked.

Appendicitis causes pain radiating throughout the abdomen, accompanied by gastrointestinal disorders, nausea and vomiting, intestinal obstruction, fecal incontinence and food intolerance.

Like all diseases that end in itis, appendicitis manifests itself when the person feels a lot of repressed anger or is too insecure and dependent on someone to express it.

Also, he/she is too afraid of the authority of someone who has made him/her angry and does not dare to express it. She feels the impression that “there is no way out”. This fear is related to a situation that arose just before her appendicitis crisis.

Expressing how you feel

The message your body is sending you is to stop waiting to show how you feel. You have been holding on for too long, if you hold on you will break (peritonitis).

Your body is not telling you to run away from this situation that causes you anger and fear, but to live it in love, taking into account your limitations and those of others. Think and feel that you are safe. Relax and let life happen happily.

This article has been adapted and translated by / By Monsalud Luque

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