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Angel Yerathel

Angel Number 27 Yerathel

Yerathel, the 27th Angel according to the Kabbalah, is to enter into an inexhaustible sea of grace, blessing and abundance. Yerathel presents himself to us as a protective shield against adversity, a mediator who instills peace and a teacher who teaches the joy of living. Its influence allows us to see the positive side in any circumstance, transforming challenges into opportunities. Are you ready to discover more about this heavenly ally?

Angel 26 Haaiah

Angel Number 26 Haaiah

Angel number 26: Haaiah. This luminous divine being is a bringer of order and justice, a beacon that guides our lives to harmony. Its vibration resonates with Universal Law, directing us to achieve our desires and goals within an ethical and moral framework.

Angel 25 Nith-Haiah

Angel Number 25 Nith-Haiah

Nith-Haiah, the 25th Angel among the 72 names of God. This heavenly being awakens our inner wisdom, brings us closer to the intimate mysteries of the universe and guides us on the path of truth. Connect with the energy of this Spiritual Master and rediscover your forgotten inner guidance.

Angel 24 Haheuiah

Angel Number 24 Haheuiah

Haheuiah, Angel 24 of the 72 Names of God, shines like a guiding star, providing relief from the modern evil of jealousy. This angel, known for his kindness and benevolence, also serves as an echo of Hermes, the Greek god, offering protection and guidance to those in desperate circumstances.

Angel Melahel

Angel Number 23 Melahel

Meet Melahel, a luminous angelic presence who acts as our guide and protector. This Angel 23 is an energy vortex that channels the very essence of thought, uniting the active and passive aspects of our mind. With her gift of healing and constant protection, Melahel helps us to undertake safe journeys, attract prosperity and find healing both physically and spiritually.

Angel 22 Yeiayel

Angel Number 22 Yeiayel

Yeiayel, the 22nd Angel, is an entity that transcends human language, he is the twenty-second angel of the 72 names of God. Not only does this angel enlighten the human spirit but he also has the gift of transmuting adverse situations into blessings, being a fervent defender of peace and reconciliation.

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