Angel 44 Yelahiah
Number: 44
Tree of Life: It is located in the Tiphereth sphere and means “Beauty”
Meaning: “Eternal God”
Prince: Archangel Raphael
Regency schedule: from 14:20 to 14:40 (from sunrise that day)
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Angel 44 Yelahiah

  • It gives us the strength to stand firm on our path, to overcome all obstacles.
  • It gives us strength, it teaches us to be persistent in order to open up our inner power.
  • It helps us with meditation that connects us to mercy.
  • It allows us to soften judgments about us and even eliminate them.
  • It transforms accusers into defenders.
  • The angel Yelahiah helps to win trials and to obtain the protection of judges. It protects against the dangers of guns and assaults.
  • This angel is often related to longevity and prosperity, for that reason it is invoked to obtain success in useful projects, to get rid of judicial processes and to protect us from abuse by our superiors.
  • To have courage to face adversities.
  • To protect ourselves against weapons or firearms.


How to invoke the Angel Yelahiah (dates and times)

  • The invocation of the angel Yelahiah must be between 14:20 to 14:40 hours (from sunrise on that day)
  • Jewish calendar regency 5782: 15 to 19 Jeshvan
  • Gregorian calendar regency 2021: October 21 to 25, May 2, July 13, September 22, December 4 and February 14

The published dates are modified every year and are related when the Angel 44 Yelahiah is regent in the year 2021 and not the date when you were born.

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